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“Give yourself a hug, and while you are embracing yourself, use that time to hold yourself together.” – Jarod Kintz

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Today were talking about hugs. Yes, you heard it right, were discussing hugging and why we should hug more. There is a significant amount of scientific evidence that supports the health benefits of hugging- not least of all physical benefits but also mental welfare. Here are 3 reasons we should just start hugging a bit more.

1. Hugging feels good

Plain and simple, it makes us feel fabulous! This act of affection releases Oxytocin- the hormone which stimulates the brain’s emotional center and is responsible for certain psychological feelings of relaxation and stress relief. This hormone is also released during childbirth- as a way to help facilitate the natural bond between mother and newborn after the excruciating pain of childbirth. Oxytocin is widely referenced in the biology of Love, and it is also found that partners in the early stages of falling in Love have high levels of Oxytocin in their systems.


2. Hugging tackles despair

When were scared or alone one of the best things to rid ourselves of these negative feelings is a hug. The body language that a hug represents is a sign of welcoming and acceptance. A hug can help alleviate negative thoughts and ease burdens as we feel we are sharing our pain.



3. Hugging makes us happier

Not only will a hug combat feelings of negativity, it actually raises happiness levels. A hug helps release endorphin’s and serotonin into the blood stream which is responsible for feelings of pleasure.



Here at BWC we are pro-hug! So what are you waiting for? Go and hug someone you love today!

Love BWC xoxo