After working out some sort of plan to writing my New Years Resolutions, I have finally settled on 10 things I would really like to do this year. I have added in my list below- I hope to hear yours too. Sending you vibes of encouragement to achieve everything it is you set out to achieve.

1. Eat a more balanced diet


This one is just something I probably need to live by in general, but after the over-eating during the Christmas holidays- it’s time to start eating a little healthier.

2. Save at least an hour a week for exercise 


Completely achievable. I have penciled in an hour each mid-week to give up completely to going for a run. No excuses!


3. Read More



I do actually read as often as I can- but life can sometimes get in the way, which has led to some books having been left unfinished, and many books I have bought with the intention to read have been left on the shelf. I pledge to read all of this before I start going out to get new books- this year I will read everything!

4. Indulge in things I like


I’m going to buy myself more. Once a month I will splash out on one nice thing for myself for no reason whatsoever. All to often I sacrifice getting myself something nice because I always ask myself whether I actually NEED something- well this year I pledge to buy things (sometimes) just because I WANT them.


5. Pay off credit card



Pay it off entirely and cut it up!!! OK. Don’t cut it, but stash it somewhere you won’t be using it when you shouldn’t really be using it.

6. Send more written cards


I personally love receiving handwritten cards- this year I’m going to make sure I give enough time to writing cards to friends and sending spontaneous letters abroad to people I usually connect with over social media or on the telephone. Hand written cards are back in!


7. Spend more one on one time with children

Small green plant in children's palms

Dedicate more quality time with the children individually. I would like to give up more personal attention and learn more about my children and what they want and need from me as a mother.


8. Spend more one on one time with other half


Spend more quality time with my partner. Arrange the occasional night out where we can just go back to basics and enjoy a date together.

9. Tidy Less, Live More


I will remind myself that the world will not spontaneously blow up should I not make the bed one morning.

10. Go on a skiing holiday



My ultimate fun goal for the end of 2015! Organize a Ski holiday- I’ve been talking about it for several years and I think it’s about time we hit the slopes. This is the year I’ll make it happen.

Love BWC xoxo