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Were nearly a week into January and I thought it would be a good time to start thinking about what it is we would all like to achieve this year. We’ve been musing over what makes the best New Years Resolutions, where they can go wrong, and how to choose the right ones. Here’s what we came up with.



The key to New Years Resolutions is to not set yourself up to fail. Aim high, but also be realistic, for example you may want to loose a bit of weight- aim to get fitter and eat healthier rather than focusing on becoming Mrs. Skinny- it won’t happen overnight, and you will be disappointed when you don’t see the effects immediately.

Another thing to bear in mind is the time span- you have an entire year to achieve the things you dream up now- it’s OK to make more long term resolutions. Have a few short ones you would like to focus on e.g. Quit Smoking- this can be done right away! Others need more time, e.g. Be debt free. Some of your New Years Resolution will require planning- take an evening to yourself and write up a plan for your long term ambitions.

A great place to start is things you wanted to do the year before and didn’t. Work out the obstacles that prevented you from accomplishing these goals the year before- and figure out how you can overcome these hurdles this yea  r.

And lastly, have fun with it. You have a clean slate for this year- you will have an entirely new Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to play around with- make some goals that are fun! It doesn’t all need to be about perfecting your figure, finances or family- maybe it can be something silly that will just help you be happier this year? ‘Join a class’ or to spend more time ‘Cooking new things’- just be sure to include something for you only, that maybe has no monetary value or career benefit but will help boost your confidence and self-fulfillment.


Hope you all have fun writing up your New Years Resolutions! I’m sure going to have fun writing up mine. I’ll get back to you as soon as they’re finalized- and I very much look forward to hearing all of yours!


Love BWC xoxo