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Yippie! Two more sleeps and it’s New Years Eve. As we enter into the New Year it is a time of reflection and also a time to let go of anything that may have bothered you in the last year. Make new promises, decide on life changing ventures and overall celebrate the year your leaving while looking forward to the year ahead.


This year I’ve decided to organize a little New Years Eve get together at home with my family and some close friends, usually we tend to get Grandma to look after the kids and get out to do a little cheeky celebrating of our own- but this year we’d like to involve the children. Here’s a little guide on how to enjoy New Years Eve at home!

1. Party Food

First step is not to over complicate the cooking, New Years Eve doesn’t necessarily have to be a sit down meal- we’ve opted to make a buffet style dinner with a table of canapes for guests to enjoy as and when they wish. This means you don’t need to spend the evening playing hostess and can actually enjoy yourself with all the guests.


2. Games

Have some games prepared, depending on the size of your group. If there’s only a few of you why not take out a board game, Monopoly is always a family favorite of ours. If however there is too many of you- why not play a game of Charades!


3. Memory Jar

Keep the night fun. Do some light arts and crafts that can get everybody talking. An idea we’ve had for our party is to get a glass jar for each of our guests and a box of arts and crafts including markers, glue, glitter and colorful paper. Each guest will receive a Jar and decorate it as they wish for 2015. Throughout the year they are to put notes of any exciting or pivotal memories they have experienced that year and when New Years comes around again they can open it up and reminisce all the fun they had in 2015.


4. Fireworks

It isn’t quite New Years Eve without fireworks going off at midnight now is it? Organize a small firework display in your garden- but make sure you follow proper safety regulations and warn your neighbors – they may even want to come enjoy the light display with you.


Hope you all have amazing New Years Eve plans- let us know all about them.

Love BWC xoxo