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So Christmas has come and gone, you’ve got all your boxing day shopping out of the way and you still have a bit of holiday to enjoy! Not all doom and gloom then 😉 What else could you be getting up to now the big festivities are over? You’ve done all the cleaning up, and even bagged up all the wrapping paper ready for recycling.. hang on.. wrapping paper? Why not put all that Christmas wrapping paper to good use and enjoy some arts and crafts with the little ones. Here are some ingenious ideas on how to put all that wrapping paper to good use!

1. Shred it

Shredded wrapping paper makes for really pretty gift boxes. This means you can reuse it when you want to send a package with a gift.

2. Make an Advent Calendar

Make a DIY advent calendar with the leftover Christmas wrap. Write up positive messages and wrap them up them peg them up onto layers of string. Write down advice and good wishes to the future you and let yourself unwrap each one the following year! You will soon see how much you managed to achieve 12 months from now.


3. Christmas Cards

If your super organised, or just super creative- reuse the wrapping paper to make next years homemade Christmas cards! There are bound to impress all the family- and you’ll get extra brownie points for the innovative idea.

4. Place mats

Buy some cheap place mats and decorate them in Christmas wrapping paper. These are really fun to make and once their finished you can laminate them and take them out every Christmas.

Happy Wrapping!

Love BWC xoxo