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Men and women all over the country are undressing to impress in a bid to appear more seductive to potential sexploits. Research conducted by IllicitEncounters.com has revealed that their members are splashing out on sexy underwear for their mistresses. It turns out designer lingerie is the number one gift from men to their lovers during the Christmas period. Out of 1000 members surveyed a huge 62% of men currently having an affair admitted they will be buying sexy underwear as a Christmas present, and an even bigger 89% admitted they’d prefer to see their mistress dressed up naughty rather than their wives.


Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Mike Taylor commented: “A lot of our members are missing intimacy from their existing relationship and crave the excitement that someone new can give them, so they put in extra effort to keep things fresh and exciting. Men will buy more practical things for their wives like a slow cooker or a new coffee machine; they will splash out on something that is sexually pleasurable for their lovers. There are a lot of positive psychological benefits to wearing underwear that makes you feel attractive, even if you are not sharing it with a secret lover, and if you are – it’s incredibly liberating.”

The girls aren’t the only ones dressing up though; men are also investing in their undergarments. Gone are the days of the prehistoric loincloth! No more must we feast our eyes on schoolboy ‘tighty whities’. 32% of male members on Illicit Encounters admit to buying designer underwear this Christmas that might impress their lovers


Liberating stuff indeed. Now if I were to give you some advice, I wouldn’t be averse to saying, if you want to see your partner in nice lingerie – it might be an idea to purchase it yourself.

Love B.W.C xoxo