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Here at Bored Wives Club we have been discussing Christmas cards and whether we personalize our own. With the ease of sites that allow you to upload pictures and type out a message it is becoming quite the norm to send out personalized greeting cards. Now, I did actually try this last year- got the whole family around the Christmas tree and took multiple snaps figuring at least one of them will be good enough to send- how very wrong I was. Firstly, it is extremely difficult to get a family of 6 to stand in height order and calm down, it is equally impossible to get them to stay still for more than 10 seconds, by the end of the picture a fight begun, the Christmas tree was knocked over and the picture ended up looking something like Miley Cyrus and family’s Christmas card (below) except an angrier less pretend version.


After last years massacre I’ve decided not to do a family Christmas card but sent out a regular supermarket bought one- less hassle. Although I do appreciate receiving personalized-any-cards. Here are some of the best 2014 Celebrity Christmas Cards- what do you all think?

James Franco and Seth Rogen’s


David Cameron

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Hugh Hefner, Crystal and Charlie the dog


Tony and Cherie Blair


Kim Kardasian and the Kardasian Family


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

We’ve saved the best for last. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi created a Kardasian themed Christmas card, firstly from Kanye and Kim’s Bound Single, and secondly with Kim’s bum from that naked photoshoot, photoshopped onto both their backsides. Ladies, we’re impressed.

ellen-portia-bound-2-christmas-card Ellen-DeGeneres-Portia-de-Rossi_glamour_18nov14_pr_b_1080x720 kim-kardashian_glamour_12nov14_p_b_960x1440

Merry Christmas!

Love BWC xoxo