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Everyone has at least one awkward Christmas party to attend this year. It may be the staff Christmas do at your workplace with Jim from IT standing in his familiar spot underneath the mistletoe, trying to desperately make eye contact so that you walk over and give him that kiss he’s been ogling at you for all year. Or maybe it’s the family affair, where every year your cousins husband either tries to hit on you or throw up on you- you can never tell which it’ll be as both actions start off quite similarly.

You never seem to learn your lesson, every year you get excited thinking the party is somehow going to exceed your expectations and you’ll have an amazing time getting merrily tipsy and having life changing conversations with your party buddies, but alas it is always too much drink and too much drama. Here are the Christmas Party Rules that guarantee you will finish the  night without a scratch- heck, maybe you’ll even have a bit of fun!


Get dressed up


Christmas is a time of celebration; therefore you should look the part! Go full out, really play around with this. Dressing up will immediately make you feel in the Christmas spirit, and can be a great conversation starter if you’ve gone for a fun and festive outfit- so get out those elf ears and Santa beards and have a laugh!



You don’t need to be single to mingle! Have a chat with anybody and everybody. You may actually discover some exciting things about people you didn’t know about. Enjoy a fun exchange of words with your colleagues, friends or family. Keep it upbeat and natural- Christmas parties are not the time to be sopping about.


Drink Responsibly


So you don’t want to be a complete Sally Mc’Sober but you absolutely do not want to be Deidre the Drunkest either. Stick with safe drinks and stay off the hard liquor. Getting so drunk you need looking after is not a good look- you will end up ruining your own night as well as everybody else’s. Keep drinking water between drinks if you need to.


Don’t Gossip


Don’t be the gossip at the party- have a little tact. As much as you shouldn’t talk about other people’s business, don’t talk about your own. It’s never a good idea to discuss rumors over idle chat, especially when it’s a celebratory occasion.


Know when to go


You’re still alive. Unscathed. No drunk! Wahey! You’ve made it. Now you just need to know when to go. You haven’t partied in so long, forget about had this many cocktails in one night- just make sure you realize when the parties over- there isn’t a need for an after party- get yourself back home in your jammies and look up home remedies to prevent tomorrows inevitable hangover.

Love BWC xoxo