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I’ve just been to my first ever ‘Surprise’ Baby Shower for my friend Rose. Let me give you one piece of very good advice: Never. Surprise. A. Pregnant. Lady.

So, this is pretty much how it began… Rose entered the house, and we all shouted “SURPRISE”, startling the living daylights out of Rose. She proceeded to go through a number of different emotions:

Scared– Shocked – Moment of Realization – Happy – Overwhelmed– Uncontrollable Tears.

Wow. We were not expecting the crying. Now, after a sit down in the kitchen with a couple of us nearest and dearest, we finally calmed our lovely friend down. Up to the bedroom to clean up and dress up and finally the party could get started. Phew! Just keep in mind, if you’re ever to throw a friend a baby shower, notify them at least a week in advance- hormones can make us act crazy at the best of times.

Anyway, after the slow starter, we carried on and the party was absolutely delightful. We had game after game which was organised by our fantastic hostess and the expectant mother had an amazing time. It’s been good fun getting the party ready, I thought I would show you some of the cool things we had organised for the special day.

The Games

1. Don’t say baby!

dont say baby

Game one banned any mention of the word baby throughout the night. Should the word baby be uttered you would need to complete a forfeit. A list of forfeits were decided prior to the event or chosen on the spot by the mother to be!

2. Pin My Nappy Game

Guests were given a pin to stick onto a picture of a baby in a nappy. Guests were blindfolded and spun around and then had to try to pin it in the correct place. The winner was the closest to get to the center of the nappy.

3. Baby Charades

This was my all time favorite. We had a bunch of cards with instructions such as ‘Bottle feed’, ‘Water has broken’ etc.. and we had to reenact these for the guests to guess!

4. Make a baby out of playdoh

We were given some colorful playdoh and had to create a baby out of it. The expectant mother then judged them to decide on her favorites.

5. Guess the baby

Prior to the party we were all asked to bring a picture of ourselves as a baby. The hostess then put all the pictures up on the wall with a number next to it. We were then given a piece of paper to match the baby to the person.


The hostess really went full out on things like decorations. She painted baby bottles and dummies on big pieces of cardboard and stuck these all over the walls.

We were also given little plastic babies in ice cubes to put in our drinks (no risk of swallowing these as we were drinking out of straws). We were even given baby bottle favors filled with chocolate!

The games were absolutely fabulous. We had such an amazing time celebrating this new and exciting chapter of our friends life. What is the best baby shower you have ever attended? Or maybe you’ve hosted an amazing one of your own- feel free to share your stories with us!

Love BWC xoxo