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Last month we discussed Jennifer Lopez ft Iggy Azalea’s new single Booty and conceded that Jennifer Lopez, 45 year old mother of twins, looks just as great as 24 year old Iggy. Both women have fantastically toned figures and show them off in the music video. The duo performed their song Booty at the American Music Awards and some critics have blasted J’Lo for trying desperately to be as sexy as her younger counterpart.Jennifer Lopez, American Music Awards 2014

The media often oostracizeswomen in showbiz, especially if their performance is meant to be sexy or provocative, all that is being insinuated here is that J’Lo should cover because of her age. Unfortunately this does happen a lot, Madonna being a target in the past, criticized that her shows are too sexy, too sexy for whom? If a woman is still comfortable enough in her skin she should be allowed to flaunt it without worrying what other people may think. The fact is nobody would’ve commented if it weren’t for J’Lo performing with someone half her age, if it was just her up on the stage we would be applauding the star for her stage presence and charisma. Critics are saying Jennifer Lopez should dress and act her age, well it isn’t like she is a grandmother yet- we wouldn’t have been very impressed watching the star sitting on a rocking chair and knitting now would we?

As women we should be sticking together and complimenting each other- how wonderful would it be if everybody commented on how youthful J’Lo looks instead. The star is fit, fierce and fabulous- and we should give her the credit she deserves for having the confidence to stand on stage and do exactly what she wants.

Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, American Music Awards 2014

Love BWC xoxo