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Misogynistic, accused of plagiarism and one of the biggest earworms of the decade, and now it appears there is another reason to take objection to Robin Thicke’s hit single Blurred Lines. As apparently it now has the dubious honor of being voted the song most likely to get office party goers in trouble this Christmas.

A survey conducted with 1000 members of Illicit Encounters has both male and female members apparently agreeing that Blurred Lines is the song that is most likely to lead them to getting frisky with a co-worker, making it the most dangerous song in the DJ’s record collection at this years office Christmas party.

Raunchy hit I Touch Myself by the Divinyls came in second place for women, and Marvin Gayes song Sexual Healing coming second place for men. If all else fails it seems that Marvin Gaye is the peoples favorite, being the only artist who has not one but two songs making the cut.

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand that at Christmas parties people are surrounded by colleagues and sometimes form close bonds. Adding to that, alcohol is flowing freely, guards are down and people relaxed and uninhibited. Also I appreciate that Blurred Lines with its catchy rhythm and its suggestive lyrics it’s the musical equivalent of doing tequila shots.

The Illicit Playlist brought to you by Illicit Encounters compiles the top 25 songs that may help you get frisky with Frank from the finance department. However I would warn against getting overly close to a colleague as in a recent study, over 80% of employers admitted that having an office based romance would affect the career prospects of those involved.

You can listen to the playlist by clicking HERE 

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