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Habits concern the repeat action or reaction of behaviour in a manner to which it has become almost mechanical. For example a morning routine is a process that is often gone through unconsciously, how you go through the daily repeated motions; perhaps you instinctively walk into the kitchen and reach for the kettle the moment you wake up- you have a habit- coffee in the morning!


There’s an old proverb that goes ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’  which essentially means that once you have formed old habits it is near to impossible to change them or make new ones, once you have learnt to do something one way you cannot learn to do it a new way. This isn’t actually true, you can form new habits and even keep them up, as habits are formed by way of repetition, this means that the more times you do something the more likely you are to keep it up!

Habit formation and happiness!


It can also be said that forming new habits can help achieve happiness! Improving your daily routine can create a more balanced and healthy outlook- you will have more time and energy when you are better organised. With all this in mind I’ve come up with 3 new actions I’m going to try to stick to which after sometime and daily repetition will hopefully become a habit.

  1. Wake Up

I am going to start waking up earlier. I have a tendency of sleeping through my alarm and putting off tasks till later in the day. From here on I am going to attempt to wake up in the early morning and start my day relaxed rather than rushed! I will make time for a coffee and breakfast and spend a few minutes pondering what I need to do for the rest of the day. My first habit will be to become a morning person!

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  1. Down Time

This one goes hand in hand with my first habit. I vow to give myself 60 minutes time before bed every evening away from all technology. I will put my phone away, turn the television off and spend an entire hour getting ready for bed. I will take of my make up and put on comfy pyjamas and I will get into bed and read a book. I remember feeling once that there were not enough books in the world for me to get through- these days I can barely get through one as I read so sporadically I end up re-reading the same chapter 5 times before it sinks in. I will give myself more time to read and more time to relax away from technology.


  1. Skin Care

I am going to adopt a skin care routine. Gone are the days when moisturiser was something ‘other people needed’, and the days when a cream from the pound shop would suffice. The older I get the more skin care ‘medicine’ my body seems to require. I so hardly get a chance to go through a proper care routine and my poor skin is paying the price. My pores feel clogged, my face feels dry and tired and the rest of my body also feels like it’s been dragged through a desert. I am going to dedicate 20 minutes every day to look after my skin so it becomes engrained in my daily routine.


If you could choose 3 new habits to maintain, what would they be?

Love BWC xoxoxo