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A few days ago, I met up with Rose, a good friend of mine who is expecting her first baby girl after Christmas. We booked ourselves in for a manicure and pedicure and had a lovely afternoon pampering session. It was then that Rose admitted to me that she was having trouble dressing in anything that made her feel attractive and feminine, and with her due date in just over 2 months time she said she was feeling the least sexiest she has ever felt.

Rose was nervous about the upcoming staff Christmas party with all her work colleagues, she was worried about Christmas day with her husband and family and she was absolutely terrified of New Years Eve with all her close friends. Utter panic was overwhelming her when considering her clothing options. ‘What am I going to wear’ is a statement that haunts us women at the best of times, forget about when we’re dealing with a baby bump and swollen ankles. We decided to scan the internet on how best to dress fancy when in your third trimester, especially during the Christmas holidays! We were pleasantly surprised- there is really plenty out there when it comes to maternity fashion, and a number of decent fashion outlets that do cater to the pregnant woman. We came up with a few suggestions for Rose’s three occasions, taking inspiration from celebrity mothers, shared with you below!

The Staff Party

 Catherine-Duchess-of-Cambridge_glamour_14nov14_PA_b_592x888another dresss

Kate Middleton (above left) rocks this black lace dress with long sleeves to the Royal Variety Performance, and looks absolutely stunning. You want to wear something comfortable yet elegant to this occasion- something to make you feel fabulous during the evening festivities- but comfortable enough to enjoy the night! We found a similar dress from Tiffany Rose for £140 (above right) which you can find by clicking HERE.

Christmas Day

frankie-sandford_glamour_14aug13_wen_b_592x888 BLUE

We found Frankie Sandford (above left) wearing this cute blue dress that makes her look absolutely glowing. Rose particularly liked the way the blazer was matched with the dress, completing the style. Here is a beautiful alternative (above right) which is discounted from £225.00 down to £180.00 from retailer Seraphine which will  that is sure to look great at your Christmas do, you can buy it by clicking HERE.

New Years Eve

gold maternity dress another dressss

Our party favorite goes to Samaire Armstrong (above left) for this shiny Gold number, perfect for injecting some glam into your New Years Eve. And we have found an equally gorgeous Gold dress in Next maternity clothesline (above right) for only £50, bargain! You can buy it by clicking HERE.

Love BWC xoxo