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Extra marital dating site Illicit Encounters has put forward a controversial proposal to parliament suggesting an expiry date on marriages. The concept aims to tackle infidelity by giving unhappy couples an alternative to divorce which can often be financially crippling.

The open letter is directed both at religious leaders and government figures, it urges an immediate revision of the current system of matrimony. Illicit Encounters believes that the system is outdated and has discovered that 58% of their members agree from a recent study.

The proposition suggests there to be an expiry date on marriage contracts that needs to be renewed every 5-8 years. Spokesperson for the campaign and IllicitEncounters.com Mike Taylor commented; “Marriage should be just like a passport or driver’s license. If individuals are not interested in renewing it, then it expires. If something isn’t working people don’t just live with it. People are more than willing to change their car or washing machine if it has stopped working, why would they stay in a marriage that isn’t working if they weren’t being forced to stay due to financial burdens?”

Recently we were discussing the UK Marriage and Adultery report, which according to the results revealed that 1 in 3 people admit they have married the wrong person, maybe they do call it wedlock for a reason- where people feel literally trapped in their marriage. With all these findings into marriage perhaps it isn’t such a crazy idea to have to validate your marriage every few years to confirm you wish to continue it. Could this be the new solution to uphold the values of marriage? Tell us your thoughts.

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