Hope you have all had a smashing Halloween weekend, whether you joined in all the spooktastic antics or whether you hid in your house with the lights turned right off so that no pestering kids come asking for treats (or tricks!)

We’ve really enjoyed looking at all our friends outfits and checking out what all our favorite celebrities were up to over the weekend. We’ve decided to score some of the best and worst celebrity outfits from Jonathon Ross’ annual Halloween bash  based on the effort put in and scare value out of 10. Let us know what you think.

Jonathan Ross impressed with this skeletal attire, a dead man walking covered in chains.

Effort: 7/10

Scare Value: 10/10


Adele rocked up completely unrecognizable covered in face paint and a black veil and long black dress.

Effort: 7/10

Scare Value: 9/10


Jimmy Carr arrives as Wednesday from the Addams family.

Effort: 5/10

Scare Value: 6/10


Mel B comes as Scary Spice. Yes! Mel B came to the party as herself in the 90s girl group spice girls.

Effort: 4/7

Scare Value: 3/7


Claudia Schiffer also boasts a cat woman outfit and looks absolutely stunning in it.

Effort: 4/10

Scare Value: 2/10


And our absolute favorite outfit from Jonathon Ross’ Halloween party goes to actress Natalia Dormer from Game of Thrones, who wears something quite reminiscent of the show itself.

Effort: 10/10

Scare Value: 9/10


Love BWC xoxo