Vikki Pattison has confirmed today that she is quitting Geordie Shore. Series 9, starting tonight on MTV at 10pm will be the last the reality television star is going to be in. Speaking of leaving the cast Vikki tell The Sun ‘’Although it’s been an excellent opportunity, I’ve grown up. Somewhere along the Jägerbombs, sl*t-dropping and bed-dropping, I aged. Not just in normal years but in Geordie Shore years, so I feel about 78.’

Vikki Pattison, 26, has recently been linked to Ice Hockey Player James Morgan, in regards to their relationship having an impact on her decision to leave the show she comments ‘I’d be lying if I said James didn’t play a factor in my decision,’ adding ‘I love him a lot and if I’m going to give our relationship a fair go, I have to not be running off and doing Geordie Shore every two months.’


Season 9 of Geordie Shore will see the entire cast from the last season return and continue with their unruly antics. We’ll let you know how the series kicks off.


Love BWC xoxo