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Sometimes we allow ourselves to be defined by the roles in which we are living, consumed by our jobs or fulfilling our duties as wife or mother. It is also important to invest into yourself and sustain a level of independence for a healthy and happy life, even if it just means taking an hour each day to indulge in your own interests and hobbies. We’ve devised a foolproof guide on how to become an independent woman, which is sure to help you focus some more attention to yourself! So, without further ado..

Be Yourself

It may seem like an obvious thing to keep yourself happy, but many of us don’t love and trust ourselves enough. Be yourself. If there is anything about yourself you want to improve- do it! Believe in your own abilities and listen to your own judgment. It is common that we are our worst critics, with a little bit of practice you will go from ‘I don’t like this about myself’ to ‘I’m going to change this about myself’, and when your constantly improving and perfecting yourself you will naturally love the positive person you are continuing to become.


Be Emotionally Mature

If there are any issues in your life that can be resolved- deal with them. Don’t leave them to pile up in a huge overwhelming mess. If there are any issues in your life that are beyond your control- accept them and move on. You need a high level of emotional intelligence to be comfortable in yourself- do not let negative things affect you badly. Always find a positive outcome to a negative situation. Never let others determine your happiness- you are the only one who can choose how to react to situations.



Focus on your goals and aim high. Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot do something- and if anybody does use it as a catalyst to prove them wrong. Let yourself be passionate about something. Follow your heart and do thing that you think are beneficial to your own self-development.



Don’t let others opinions affect you

This is one of the key things to learn if you want to be happy and independent in yourself. Do not care what other people think. This is YOUR life and only YOUR opinion matters. Stop letting other people hold you back, if you want to do something just go ahead and do it.


Entertain your own interests

Spend time getting to know yourself, what is it that you enjoy doing? Your own personal likes and dislikes are what make you unique. To be truly independent you need to be able to spend with yourself. It will make you a more content and interesting individual if you invest in yourself. Find out what makes you tick and devote time to pursue your own activities.


Remember, sometimes it’s okay to let the world revolve around you a little, especially if it makes you a better and more wholesome person. A little self-love is OK and it will impact on your friendships and relationship if you love yourself. By doing things alone, you will prove you are an able person, and others will feel more confident in your abilities. Remember, before you can help others, you must first help yourself .

Love BWC xoxo