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Latest hashtag craze #Wakeupcall has many celebrities joining in to raise money for UNICEF children’s charity.

Following the successes of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and the no make up challenge. Working in a similar fashion to previous charity fundraising of this kind where you nominate your friends to do the same. The #Wakeupcall selfie is meant to be taken when you have just woken up and then you can nominate 3 friends to take up the challenge.

Unicef hopes to raise money to    fund work with children in Syria. With the ongoing crisis in Syria it is essential to support humanitarian aid to innocent families. If you wish to take part all you need to do is take your wake up picture, post it and then donate £5 by texting SYRIA to 70007. You can also donate by going to www.wakeupcall.org.uk

Here our some of our favourite celebrity #Wakeupcall pictures, including Naomi Campbell, Stephen Fry, Jeremy Clarkson and Jemima Khan.naomi-campbellstephen-fryarticle-0-2205BE4C00000578-508_634x652article-2783820-220BB21D00000578-166_634x495