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Here at bored wives club we’ve been discussing the recent hype to hit instagram. The #freethenipple campaign- a picture protest against Instagrams no breast policy.  Opposing the restrictions on female nudity, the movement retaliates against the photo upload rules governed by social media. Essentially women across the world are purposefully posting topless pics to challenge these guidelines.

Scout Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, sparked universal support and awareness in the movement when an image of her was removed from Instagram. Prompting the outraged 22 year old to practice her own #freethenipple stunt by taking a walk through New York with her top half well and truly uncovered. Scout Willis has spoken out about her views by maintaining “No woman should be made to feel ashamed of her body.”

Feeling liberated many other celebs began to jump on the no bra’s allowed train. Those that have dared to bare include the likes of Cara Delivigne and Rihanna – instigating further debate on whether censorship rules are behind the times or simply furthering divides within gender inequalities. Are these guidelines in place to protect the female form or to suppress freedom of speech?

Perhaps we should start to celebrate a women’s figure rather than censor it. A female should have the right to express herself and take ownership of her own body. The fashion world seems to have the right idea with London Fashion Week making it popular on the catwalk to expose your décolletage.

What do you think of the #savethenipple campaign? Is it time to burn the bras ladies?