Mia just sent me this.


I was originally going to join this forum and respond to some of the acerbic comments that the posters had left, but it is Friday afternoon and I’m already wearing my lazy weekend hat. So, my reply is going here.

Bear in mind, first, that many of the ladies using Mumsnet are mums, with very strong ideas of what it means to be a family. I certainly do not expect them all to agree with what I’m doing…

…But. People’s lack of understanding and empathy is a constant shock to me. Fundamentally, no one can prescribe a solution for anyone else’s situation. Even if that person is, like me, married for 10 years, under-sexed and overworked, this does not mean their experiences and feelings reflect mine. Some people’s marriages are rehabilitated by therapy. Some are helped by books. And a small percentage are helped by one partner’s decision to take a lover.

I’m afraid this is inarguable. These women and men with their blanket solutions may speculate about the effects of my affair, but if any of them knew me or my husband, they would find themselves uncomfortably back-tracking. Yes, I have to tell lies, and yes, that is not ideal. But when is anything ‘ideal’? There is less resentment, there is less tension, and we are both happier. Frankly, after years of openly trying to reach this point with open honest discussion and professional help, I am just relieved things are okay finally.

I am in no way suggesting that having an affair is the solution to the majority of marital problems. But to suggest that discussion, out-and-out honesty and professional intervention are the solutions to all marital problems is just as ridiculous. I personally believe in the ethics of responsibility, rather than the idea that doing the socially-accepted ‘good thing’ in all situation is always the most beneficial option. My marriage is better because I have a lover. Go figure.