Gross. Just….gross. I’d never heard of this site before but, judging by the dubious headline, “Life’s Too Short, Have An Affair”, CEO Noel Biderman sounds like he has about as much understanding and empathy for cheating spouses as Nick Griffin has for victims of racial hate-crimes. The site is launching in the UK, and every bit of press I read makes me want to break something.

Okay…maybe that’s a bit strong. But he does look and sound like The World’s Biggest Douchebag. I quote;

“We tried to advertise during the Superbowl but the NFL said, ‘No, we’re not going to allow this ad’. This is the NFL, whose players are arrested for sexual assault, for drunk driving and attempted murder. They’re going to be the bastion of morality for America? That’s ridiculous.”

You can’t SELL infidelity moron. Why would you wish to impose an idea like ‘How’s about shagging around?’ on a stadium of unsuspecting football fans? Completely inappropriate. Affairs are something to be conducted in private, not a commodity to be advertised at huge public events. And advertising them is ridiculous anyway – as if the decision to have one could be equated with the decision to buy a new television.

As a cheater myself, and one that uses a different dating site, I just think this guy has got it all wrong. By all means create a platform for extramarital liaisons – I have such a platform to thank for transforming my life over the last two years – but don’t shove it in people’s faces…and don’t say that 200,000 Londoners should be using it by Christmas, because they probably shouldn’t. What a brash, Americanised method of promotion.

Rant over.