So, after having kept this blog for GOD KNOWS how long, I have had something rather interesting brewing under my hat (clumsy mashed simile) for the last month. Now, as we’re nearly ready to launch, I think it’s time to tell you guys about it.

It’s a website, and it’s called The Bored Wives Club. My friend Mia and I came up with the idea way way way while bitching about our respective partners over coffee. She is still to this day one of the only people who knows about my extramarital dalliances. Anyway, we were lamenting the fact that, as professional women with overly-secure houses, we rarely get the chance to natter to our female neighbors about our partners’ ineptitudes over the garden fence…despite the fact that both of us have enough grievances to fill a 800-page novel.

Long story short, I suggested we start a blog that gives women a space to rant about their marital lives. For about a year, nothing really happened, but then Mia met Rose, a designer, at a conference a while back, and casually mentioned our little brainchild…

Well. 4 months later, the three of us have given birth to the BWC. The site isn’t live yet, but it will be very very soon. I’m sooooooo excited, and will be forwarding it to all my friends this weekend to get some stuff on there. Will post a link ASAP babies.

Joy! xx