Confidence Comes with Age


Grandmother portrait set in the studio. Concepts about seniorityLast week my dear friend told me that she is so happy to be in her late 40s because she has actually never felt more confident.

This affirmation made me realise how I accept myself much more compared to when I was in my 20s, when I hated my appearance and was obsessed with my scale. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror at times, and now I just think less about my looks, and appreciate a bit more the flaws that make me, me.

It feels like the older we get, the more appreciative of ourselves we become…and actually, body confidence reaches its highest in our late 60s, according to his article from the Independent!

Leave a comment to tell us if you feel more confident than when you were younger.

Thoughts about beauty pageants?


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I ran into this article by The Sun today about a pageant girl who was born in a refugee camp, and it made me think about beauty pageants.

There’s a stereotype of the pretty but shallow young girl who’s forced into doing pageants by her mother. And my natural response to that is “poor child, she is being raised to value her worth based on her appearance…”

But then I remember that beauty pageants usually also have a talent section and general culture quiz, making it less about the looks… 

What are your thoughts on beauty pageants?


“Mistakes” women make in bed


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So I ran into this article from the Daily Mail which talks about the “mistakes” that women make in bed.

The first one is failing to initiate sex…. which I disagree with, I could initiate sex but what if I want my husband to do it? I think it can be sexier to be chased….

I can see the rest being right though. Faking an orgasm: that must be horrible to see for men, or being to shy… oh well, in the recent years I haven’t had to worry too much about this, as my sex life is almost existent…

And what bothers you in bed, ladies?


Trust in a relationship


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I have always been a bit paranoid in my relationships. While my worries may be justified (apparently 1 in 5 Brits admit having an affair, which I think is more!) I should still be able to appreciate and enjoy my marriage.

I am not surprised at these statistics. With bombardment from the media about sex, dating apps and even cheating website like Ashley Madison or, in the UK,, how can someone fully trust their spouse?

This article explains how to build more trust in a relationship, for example say what you mean, and express your feelings. But that is my side, I… trust myself, what about my husband? What about him saying what he means and him expressing his feelings?

Have you got any advice on trust in a marriage?

Love after menopause


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I will admit it, I am a bit scared of menopause. I know, it should be around 5-10 years away, but still I am not sure I know what to expect…

The no-more-periods part attracts me, but the hot flushes and the vaginal dryness… not really.  To be honest, it sounds almost surreal to me. A low libido? I just can’t imagine it!

I guess it’s part of life, but it’s a hard one to accept, it feels like us women have an expiry date. I promise myself I will keep my libido up no matter what!

How was your experience with menopause? Or are you scared of it getting closer and closer?

Love in the era of WhatsApp


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There are so many ways in which technology is influencing our lives and our relationships. This article explains how social media is changing our lives, and it gives tips on how to detoxify from your phone.

While it’s bad to text too much, I do believe texting and some cyber fun can add spark in a relationship. I have attempted “sexting” with my husband a couple of times and we definitely weren’t good at it… but it was so much fun to try!

Woman resting afterwork texting on phone

What are your thoughts on technology and love?

Thoughts about dating younger men?


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I am finding myself very attracted to younger men these days. (There’s something I thought I would never say!) Not too young, just from their late 20s…

Being a cougar was frowned upon until recent years, when celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore married someone a decade younger than them, inspiring as all.


After trying tinder, one of my oldest (and married) friends has been using  (a dating site for married people!) and has been having a two-years-affair with a guy who is 11 years younger than her! She says it makes her feel so much more alive… and she entertains me for hours talking about their adventures.

What are your thoughts on dating younger men?!

How to keep the sparkle in a relationship


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Old timers

Ha! I wish I knew. There are plenty of books, articles, videos and podcasts out there that promise to bring the sparkle back in your marriage… But do they work?

There are tips like talking to each other, being generous and finding the time for one another which are doable and certainly improve a relationship, but… the sparkle? That’s a different matter.

As bad as this may sound, I think that once the sparkle is gone, nothing can bring it back. Over time, passion becomes affection… and is that necessary bad?

International happiness day


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Today is not only the spring equinox but also the global celebration of happiness.

At the World Happiness Summit in 2017, Jayme Illien said that the beginning of spring is a “universal phenomenon felt by all of humankind, a period of renewal and new beginnings, for all”.

Today I will be wishing everyone a great happiness day, I will take a nice bath and have a glass of wine, cook for my family and relax. Those kind evenings make me happy, even if just for one day.

What makes you happy?

Why men cheat vs why women cheat


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We tend to think that while men cheat for sex, women do it for an emotional need. But as with time women become more independent, is this still the case?

This article by Psychology Today explains that not only women want romanticism, but that emotional connection is a major factor in female sexual arousal. Basically, we need to be both physically and emotionally turned on.

According to, a website for married people who want to cheat, rather than an emotional connection, women want attention because the spark in their marriage has gone…


Why do you think women cheat?

Sex is better after the age of 36 for women


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Beautiful girl have orgasmAccording to this article from The Daily Mail, after the age of 36 women have better sex than younger women.

I have previously written a post about confidence and age, and I think this is definitely a major factor in enjoying your sex life.

If you are accepting of your body you are more inhibited and fully enjoy your sexual experience.

As time passes by, you have more experience in that field and get to know your body better, what you like, what you don’t…

The article also says 6 in 10 women over the age of 36 have better orgasms than before…


Do you feel like your sex life has gotten better with age?