Things are OPENING!




Slowly but surely. Anybody have any plans on the agenda? I must admit I’m most excited about the Zoo’s opening, thinking to go visit Colchester Zoo next week!

I’ve realised my only non outdoor/park activity apart from shopping over the last 3 months has been visiting the garden centre 😂 Although I find that I’m still spending 85% of my time on the internet, especially on this forum!

You would not believe the amount of new pots and plans that have sprouted in the garden out of nowhere. I am pretty excited about some of them though, I’ve started a nice little vegetable patch, all my herbs are doing well, and it looks like some tomatoes and strawberries are beginning to take some shape! Maybe this will help me beat the queues at the veggie shop, who needs you Tesco? Lockdown Gardening Gertrude out here!

Can any of you relate? So many friends of mine have really taken to looking after their gardens, and doing lots of home DIY – it’s brilliant.

So, what’s open around you and will you be going? I’ll let you know how the Zoo goes next week! Wonder if it’s much different to a normal outing there.




Woah! This article is crazy! It’s about a woman breaking lockdown rules to have sex!

It’s a mad world we live in when it’s illegal to sleep with someone outside of your own household or ‘bubble’. This whole lockdown thing is very controversial isn’t it?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

It’s funny, I think I saw a topic on this exactly dilema on this forum

Check it out and tell me what you think!

I don’t know what to think anymore. I mean, the new rules are so confusing as well! As far as I understand couples from different households can now meet up, and stay round each other’s houses, but only if they live alone? Is that right?

It’s such a strange world we’re in at the moment, very peculiar. I’m still waiting for someone to pinch me so I can wake up from this dystopia… a girl can dream!

I want to be a social butterfly

This has honestly been the strangest year of my life, I’m sure many of you can resonate with that. I truly am getting fed up with this lockdown, and not just the lockdown but also this virus, I hope there is an end to all this madness sooner rather than later!

I’ve always been slightly introverted, therefore enjoy my own company a lot – reading, writing, housework, looking after the kids – this has always been the norm for me. So at a time when many people I know are picking up new hobbies at home, I feel like I’ve had many home hobbies to begin with.

I could never imagine that I’d be yearning for more socialising, being one of the first in my group to cancel plans to stay at home with a hot cuppa coffee and a good book on the weekend once the kids have gone to bed!

I vow to be more socially ‘active’ when this is all over.

Organise more meetups…

More coffee dates, brunch hang outs, evening dinners, theatre shows, museum walkabouts, holidays… and dare I say, dancing! This lockdown has made me feel older than ever, I want to reclaim some of my youth and not just feel like a wife and a mother. Hopefully not too long now huh?

In the meantime I’ve found a lot of enjoyment out of joining in online forums to chat to women who may be feeling the same. Especially this one Lockdown Love 




Is coronavirus affecting our sex lives?

Check out this interesting article in the Metro, discussing “Coronavirus UK: Is lockdown affecting our sex drives?”




It’s an interesting subject, I myself must agree this whole lockdown thing must be having an impact, it makes sense that if people are a little more stressed out than usual that the stress hormone would decrease your libio significantly, perhaps the opposite is true for some people and being intimate is another way to forget about the drama of this pandemic!


Lockdown Love


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You know what I’ve been missing the most during lockdown?

Girl time.

Impromptu after work drinks, weekend brunch, coffee dates, wining, dining and most of all gossip! We’ve tried to keep up some semblance of normality of course, with the odd video call here and there, but honestly, I’m getting bored of talking to friends about the monotonous day-to-day of London Lockdown.

& that’s when I was introduced to a totally inclusive forum by one of my friends called Lockdown Love

It’s a forum for bored wives and husbands to discuss all things naughty and nice! There’s all sorts of topics on the forum ranging from advice on how to keep positive and entertained right now, as well as thoughts on married life, affairs and sex! It’s a totally inclusive community and I’ve really been enjoying commenting on all the interesting daily subjects!

What a great idea to kill some time and talk to some interesting characters. It’s all run by the website (a dating site for married people!)

Let me know if you like it, maybe chat to you there? 😉




My sex life after having children


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Obviously, once you have children sex is not a priority anymore in your marriage. Besides the fact that you are absolutely knackered, busy, and there always seems to be something you are late for, you just don’t feel the same about sex.

I remember when I had my first daughter I really struggled to accept my body for a couple of years and my sex life suffered from it.

Any advice out there on getting the sparkle on after having kids?giphy

Thoughts about beauty pageants?


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I ran into this article by The Sun today about a pageant girl who was born in a refugee camp, and it made me think about beauty pageants.

There’s a stereotype of the pretty but shallow young girl who’s forced into doing pageants by her mother. And my natural response to that is “poor child, she is being raised to value her worth based on her appearance…”

But then I remember that beauty pageants usually also have a talent section and general culture quiz, making it less about the looks… 

What are your thoughts on beauty pageants?


“Mistakes” women make in bed


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So I ran into this article from the Daily Mail which talks about the “mistakes” that women make in bed.

The first one is failing to initiate sex…. which I disagree with, I could initiate sex but what if I want my husband to do it? I think it can be sexier to be chased….

I can see the rest being right though. Faking an orgasm: that must be horrible to see for men, or being to shy… oh well, in the recent years I haven’t had to worry too much about this, as my sex life is almost existent…

And what bothers you in bed, ladies?


Trust in a relationship


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I have always been a bit paranoid in my relationships. While my worries may be justified (apparently 1 in 5 Brits admit having an affair, which I think is more!) I should still be able to appreciate and enjoy my marriage.

I am not surprised at these statistics. With bombardment from the media about sex, dating apps and even cheating website like Ashley Madison or, in the UK,, how can someone fully trust their spouse?

This article explains how to build more trust in a relationship, for example say what you mean, and express your feelings. But that is my side, I… trust myself, what about my husband? What about him saying what he means and him expressing his feelings?

Have you got any advice on trust in a marriage?

Love after menopause


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I will admit it, I am a bit scared of menopause. I know, it should be around 5-10 years away, but still I am not sure I know what to expect…

The no-more-periods part attracts me, but the hot flushes and the vaginal dryness… not really.  To be honest, it sounds almost surreal to me. A low libido? I just can’t imagine it!

I guess it’s part of life, but it’s a hard one to accept, it feels like us women have an expiry date. I promise myself I will keep my libido up no matter what!

How was your experience with menopause? Or are you scared of it getting closer and closer?