Mike Tindall named most shag-able English player of all time!


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New research released today by Illicit Encounters, the UK’s top married dating site, shows that British women would sleep with Mike Tindall over any other English rugby player. The Yorkshire native scooped 23% of the votes from 1,000 surveyed women, beating Jonny Wilkinson (21%), Owen Farrell (16%), Danny Care (15%) and Danny Cipriani (13%). The least shag-able player was Tom Youngs with 0.6% (6) of the votes.


“Some people may find it surprising that Mike Tindall tops the list of English rugby players women want to sleep with,” Claire Page, spokesperson for Illicit Encounters said, “He looks a bit like a warped shoe but he’s also very funny and intelligent, as we’ve seen on his ITV interviews. I think the fact that he’s married to Zara Phillips is a huge attraction – a lot of women are very attracted to men who are with high profile or very good-looking women, even if he himself isn’t handsome. They sub-consciously think ‘If he’s got her, he must have a great personality or be great in bed!’ Putting that with his great physique, (I mean, he’s tall, broad and his upper body strength is so impressive, he’s able to bench press over 140 kg) it’s not hard to see why women across England find him so attractive!”

“Studies have shown generally women prefer dominant men,” psychologist Lucy Redford said, “and there is certainly something to be said about extremely muscular physiques triggering primal emotions of submissiveness in women. However, oftentimes there is actually a threshold of muscularity that can result in negative stereotyping once passed. Lack of depth, lack of intelligence, simple mindedness, aggressiveness, insecurity, and narcissism are all perceived traits that people prejudge in bodybuilders. However, Mike Tindall has proven on numerous interviews he is much more than this – he’s calm under pressure, skilled, passionate on the field and has a great sense of humour. Being witty goes a long way, with both sexes!”

Love BWC xoxo

Five Ways to Improve Your Diet


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Cut the Junk

Cutting out processed food will make a substantial difference to your diet and will also spur on weight loss. Many food manufacturers like to hide behind statements like Fat Free, Low Carb, Vitamin this that and the other; when actually they contain a lot more bad stuff. Buying fresh organic produce will help you get the most nutrients out of your food. Go natural, your body will thank you for it.

Fruit & Veg

Leading on from no junk – make sure you are getting at the very least your five-a-day. You will receive the best sustenance from the food that mother nature provides for you.

White Meat

Think: Put Red to Bed, White is Light! White meat is generally considered as ‘light’ meat – it is leaner and less fatty then red meat. You don’t need to completely cut red meat out of your diet – although it could be a good idea to limit the amount you eat.


Nuts are a very good natural source of unsaturated fattyacids, Omega free, Fiber and Vitamin E! If you’re not a big fan of nuts you can always crush them and put them in a fruit salad or a bowl of cereal.


It is recommended we consume a minimum of 2 Litres of water a day. Think of it as fuel to keep your body working. It is so important to keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can lead to many health complications and leave you feeling weak and light-headed.

Love BWC xoxo

Running Prolongs Your Sex Life!


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New research pulled by Illicit Encounters suggests that running can prolong your sex life! The research surveyed 1,000 members of Illicit Encounters over the age of 50 who have sex more than once a fortnight, and 1,000 members over the age of 50 who have sex less than once a fortnight or no longer have sex. Of the 1,000 members who have regular sex, 61% of them (613) jog once or twice a week, while 24% of them (236) jog three times or more a week. A staggering 895 of those who don’t jog or do exercise also don’t have regular sex!

Beautiful young woman runner in a green forest.

“The health benefits of jogging are fantastic!” said Chris O’Connor, personal trainer “It’s great for diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis because it helps the joints and bones, as well as improving cardiovascular fitness, and of course weight loss. People don’t realize there are a lot of mental benefits to running. It’s the number one natural solution to depression and anxiety because your body releases endorphins when you jog – that’s why so many people get addicted. It makes sense that people who jog regularly have a better sex life than those who don’t. When you jog you have more energy, you’re more flexible, you have better breathing and stamina, your testosterone levels increase – of course you’re going to have sex more often!”


Maybe there is something to it. Could couples who jog together stay together? I guess that’s another post folks!

Love BWC xoxo

Oscars Best & Worst Dressed 2015


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Lady Gaga in Azzedine Alaïa1515


Lady Gaga usually surpasses our expectations with an array of weird and wonderful clothes. This time round she really failed to deliver, with a boring white number and what looks like washing up gloves she forgot to remove after doing the dishes.

Nicole Kidman in Louis Vuitton1104


Bit of a miss with this one. Doesn’t have the wow factor, and we’re not quite sure why the dress is shiny – it doesn’t add anything to it. The dress is shapeless and the leg slit looks a bit pointless. The red belt looks completely random, it would’ve looked a bit better matched with a red clutch and red lipstick.
Kiera Knightly in Valentino



Not impressed by this Valentino number. Kind of looks like Kiera Knightly dressed up for a 6 year old’s birthday party and at some point fell out of a tree.

Jennifer Lopez in Elie Sab



Although I’m a big fan of the nude dress, this one isn’t the best I’ve ever seen. Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely stunning and the color of her outfit is very complimenting – but that’s as far as I like it. The dress puffs out too much and the neckline is way too low.


Jennifer Aniston Versace



In my eyes Jennifer Ansiton can do no wrong. Love the nude dress! Subtle but demure. Take note Nicole Kidman – this is how a slit in the dress looks amazing!

Emma Stone in Elie Saab



I do like this piece by Elie Saab. I think the outfit is unique, it is dazzling and the color and sparkle is interesting. I think it matches up great with Emma’s hair color and lippy! reminds me a little bit of flapper fashion.

Rita Ora in Marchesa



I am not usually a fan of wearing black on the red carpet but I think Rita Ora pulled this one out of the bag. It looks very classic and the shape compliments her figure.

Love BWC xoxo

Sex: Why It’s Good For You


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What do we want? Sex! When do we want it? OK, maybe not right this second -that might be a little inappropriate :) Anyway, studies into sex show that it can have many health and well-being benefits for you, isn’t that great?

Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Be Having More Sex!

Stress Relief

Beautiful girl at green field, photo 5

Yes Ladies. No need to reach for any anti-anxiety medication- sex is the cure! Recently we discussed that hugging releases oxytocin the happy hormone and findings show that so does sex. Not only this, but it also releases the hormone prolactin which is responsible for relaxation and sleep, so it is not surprising that many people fall asleep straight after doing the deed. Don’t bother renewing your prescription for sleeping tablets, just have more sex.



Sex is a great form of exercise. You can burn as little as 5 calories a minute by taking part in what is now commonly known as sexercise. Imagine how many more calories you could loose if you had regular sex.

Lowers Heart Related Illnesses


There has been plenty of research to suggest that sex lowers your risk of having a heart attack. Having some nights of unbridled passion can be great for the heart, both physically and metaphorically speaking.

Boosts the Immune System

Girl in winter clothing sneezing

A study conducted in Pennsylvania revealed that people who had sex 1-2 times weekly produced 30% more of the illness fighting antibody Immunoglobulin A (IgA) Could it really be the answer to preventing the common cold? Who knows! It cannot harm testing this theory right?

Increases the Libido


Having sex more often will raise your libido and make the act itself more enjoyable. So release your inner goddess and have some fun with it!

Love BWC xoxo

Ab & Squat 30 Day Challenge


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A friend of mine has recently introduced me to some home exercises to get myself back into shape following a cold winter and much gorging. Now we’re fair distance away from Christmas, I think it’s high time to get back into shape. When I first received the challenge I was gobsmacked at how intensive it gets over the course of a month. For example the Abs Challenge starts off with 15 sit ups on day 1 and goes up to 125 sit ups by day 30… really? The squat challenge looked just as intimidating to me, beginning at 50 squats and working up to 250 squats by day 30. My face dropped when I saw the task ahead, I thought I couldn’t possibly achieve what is being asked of me here. However, I am now on day 8 and it really is getting easier- with a rest day every 3 days you really are giving your body a chance to recover and with each week you will be feeling stronger. I’ve attached the two challenges I have embarked on below, including the daily exercises you need to do to break it down further. Why not give it a go? If you find you are having a little trouble with the amount of reps you need to do, just do the challenge but halve the numbers from the very beginning! Good luck!


For the squat challenge, here is a video that best shows you how to execute the squat properly:

For the Daily Abs exercises you will need to know how to do the following:

Sit Ups


Leg Raises


Athleta-Squat-Challenge 30-day-ab-challenge

Love BWC xoxo

Accountants Make Best Husbands…to Cheat on!!


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shhhNew research released today by Britain’s largest married dating site, IllicitEncounters.com, shows that women cheat more on accountants than any other profession! When 1,500 female members across the UK were asked ‘What does your husband do for a career?’ the highest percentage of them (13%) said they were accountants.

The top six reasons these women started affairs were:

  • 1)The excitement has gone in our marriage (563 votes)
  • 2)We’ve lost our connection (233 votes)
  • 3)The sex drive has gone in our marriage (214 votes)
  • 4)We spend too much time apart (211 votes)
  • 5)We spend too much time together (196 votes)
  • 6)I don’t feel special to him any more (83 votes)

So why exactly do so many women want to marry an accountant but can’t stay faithful?


“Stability, both financial and personal is the number one thing people seek in marriages,” said psychologist Lucy Redford, “The typical accountant is seen as stable, reliable and responsible. Consciously or sub-consciously, all women seek these characteristics in a mate. The number one reason people stray from marriages is because excitement is replaced by routine, and what was once seen as a spark becomes a chore. Every relationship requires work, but it still needs to be worth working for.”

On the good side, if you’re an accountant and your wife is straying, she won’t let the affair break her marriage, because only 3 in the 195 cheating women said they would consider leaving their accountant husbands!

Love BWC xoxo

February Half-Term


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Half-term is in full swing, days of doing the school run feel like a distant memory now. Although it’s been nice to be out of a routine of sorts- it’s now starting to be a losing battle on how to entertain the kids. The first few days were bliss- but now your children are getting bored and causing havoc! Ah! Panic. No, don’t panic :) I have the perfect half-term solutions that are free or cheap and fun for all the family. It’s good to get creative here with the recent unpredictable weather, so without further ado here is a list of things to do come rain or shine.



Vue cinema does great weekend and holiday deals called Kids AM for just £1.75 per child and the adult pays the same price, and 13-18 year old children receive 20% off. There’s some great kids flicks on right now, including Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots, Big Hero 6, Shaun the Sheep, Kingsmen: A Secret Service, Jupiter Ascending and Project Almanac. Make sure to check the age rating before booking any tickets. If you can’t get out to the cinema why not organize a movie night instead with plenty of popcorn!

Cultural Visit


Head to see a exhibition either at an Art gallery or at a local museum. Plenty museums will have half-term activities on and many of these are free to attend. For example the Southbank Centre in London is currently running the ‘Imagine Children’s Festival’ with free and ticketed events including theater and craft workshops.



On a sunnier day get out and about to a local park. With some warmer days expected maybe it’s time to brush the dust off your children’s bicycles and head out for a day of cycling around.

Arts and Crafts


Dress up in old clothes you don’t mind getting mucky and get out some art equipment. Make something together that you can then put up on display for the week. Perhaps make some hand puppets and let your kids put on a puppet show, or maybe spend the day painting some pictures. You could even pick up some cheap vases from a thrift store or recycle jars and let your children paint these- then pick some flowers and put them inside- my children loved making these hand painted gems the other day.

Car boot Sale


My kids really enjoy going to the carboot sale. I let them loose with a fiver each for the morning and see how far they can make it go. Later we like to see what treasures we have all picked up.

Board games 


Become mother-host for the afternoon and get those board games out. If you have not got any board games just pick up a pack of cards from the £ shop and enjoy a game of snap!



Need I say more? Children love to get involved in the kitchen. You can bake some cookies or cupcakes and let them loose with decorating them.



Get active! As mentioned before, you can always head down to the park for some fun. You can do so much here- organize a mini sports-day with the egg and spoon race or a friendly game of rounders. You can even go down to the local sports center for some swimming.

Visit Nany and Grandad


And if all else fails, pop round for a visit to the grandparents- they have plenty of experience in entertaining children after all and will appreciate you visiting.

Above all, have a fantastic week!

Love BWC xoxo


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