Renee Zellweger, Plastic surgery shocker!

Actress Renee Zellweger, 45, best known for her role as Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones’s Diary, looks practically unrecognizable in recent pictures. We’re really stumped at how different she looks. Apparently Renee Zellweger has never admitted to plastic surgery, however, these pictures have us questioning whether the star is keeping tight lipped over the allegations.

bridget-header-441274 Renee zellweger

What do you think ladies?

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Calling all chocolate lovers!

We have some good news ladies. It looks like Dark Chocolate is key to improving our sex lives. Time to stock up on your favourite flavours, and if you get any dodgy looks, just emphasize the potential health benefits- particularly your increased libido, which of course in turn will make you a happier and more wholesome person… now get your mitts off that Lindt, it’s mine!lady-eating-chocolate

Spokesperson for, Mike Taylor Commented: “The sexual effects of chocolate are more scientific than the classic ‘Cadbury’s Flake moment’. The ancient beliefs of The Aztecs regarding the aphrodisiac quality of chocolate come from some serious science. Chocolate contains the compound theobromine, also found in tea and kola nuts, the substance works on the central nervous system, causing one to feel stimulated and excited – which was backed up by the female members we spoke to in our research.”

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What do we think of Chloe Jasmine?

X-Factor contestant Chloe Jasmine has got us all talking here at BWC, and we are thoroughly conflicted in our opinions of the singer. There is no denying that she is an artist in her own right. With captivating performances and Monroe-esque inclination, Chloe Jasmine transports us right back to the 1950’s. I’m personally fascinated by the rising star and thoroughly enjoy her performances, however some of us seem to think she is playing on these associations to gain publicity and acquire voters. It is specifically her posh accent that has come under scrutiny by the media, which has caused a backlash by X Factor fans who believe her accent is put on.

It has also come to light that Chloe-Jasmine allegedly attended Killing Kittens events run by our Royal Duchess’ Kate Middleton’s school friend Emma Sayles. Killing Kittens a self proclaimed “Network for the Sexual Elite.” hosts decadent parties for the rich and famous within the alternative nightlife scene “in pursuit of female pleasure.”  Although the singer denies the claims saying “The only swinging I’ve ever been capable of was in the playground at school!”

Either way, singer has really caught our attention with these trending headlines- definitely one to watch.

Chloe Jasmine

Love BWC


Latest hashtag craze #Wakeupcall has many celebrities joining in to raise money for UNICEF children’s charity.

Following the successes of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and the no make up challenge. Working in a similar fashion to previous charity fundraising of this kind where you nominate your friends to do the same. The #Wakeupcall selfie is meant to be taken when you have just woken up and then you can nominate 3 friends to take up the challenge.

Unicef hopes to raise money to    fund work with children in Syria. With the ongoing crisis in Syria it is essential to support humanitarian aid to innocent families. If you wish to take part all you need to do is take your wake up picture, post it and then donate £5 by texting SYRIA to 70007. You can also donate by going to

Here our some of our favourite celebrity #Wakeupcall pictures, including Naomi Campbell, Stephen Fry, Jeremy Clarkson and Jemima Khan.naomi-campbellstephen-fryarticle-0-2205BE4C00000578-508_634x652article-2783820-220BB21D00000578-166_634x495

Reasons why he may not be Mr. Right


So we’ve all heard of ‘the one that got away’, you know? The childhood sweetheart who may have been your perfect match- but you were too busy being young and having fun!

Now, how about ‘the one that shouldn’t have ever been with you in the first place, but instead should have fallen straight into the inevitable flames of hell and perished?’ – okay so the hell bit is a little bit excessive, but we all know what I’m talking about right?

I guarantee you if you haven’t met him yet- you will. If you’ve been there-you can totally relate. So here is a list of warning signs, that maybe he is just not the one for you. It is all to common for us ladies to try salvage things, you may want to repair the rip on last years winter coat or you know…simply give your boyfriend a complete personality transplant? Well, hey- sometimes, it’s best to just ditch the jacket and get a new one.

  1. He is never there.

No girls, this doesn’t mean he has incredible magical talents and can disappear at will. It means he does not want to spend time with you. It is that simple. He is not investing into more ‘me’ time but less ‘you’ time. If he is constantly making excuses not to be around you, or going out without you every single time, wake up and realise he is not in this for the two of you. You should never use your precious time to convince someone to spend it with you. Make your time valuable- share it with those that respect it. You shouldn’t be with somebody and feel alone.

  1. You struggle to find common ground

When you first met, this was one of the reasons you liked him! Wow, he’s really into winter sports, and has a body to match. Err.. you hate the cold and skiing is your idea of a nightmare, funny that- didn’t you just mention you spend your annual leave in a skiing resort? That’s right. I’m not saying it’s bad to have different interests- it’s healthy in fact, but not to a point where you have nothing you like to do or talk about together.

  1. He is not supportive

One of the worst things anybody can do is belittle your achievements- and this is exactly what this man does. He challenges your ambitions and makes them feel un-achievable. He never fails to tell you why you can’t do something, and he’s quick to point out your mistakes. There are only one of two things that can happen in this situation- 1. You will begin to believe this man and become a shell of your former self, or 2. You disagree and stand up for yourself. Don’t let this man fool you into believing he is right.

  1. He is not affectionate

If a man does not show you some form of affection or appreciation he is not right for you. You wouldn’t be friends with someone who was at best apathetic towards you, so why be in a relationship with someone like this? Your relationship has become less then platonic. He always gives you the cold shoulder and is a man of few words. When you’re out with friends he seems perfectly agreeable, but behind closed doors he has lost all interest in you both intimately and intelligently.

  1. He controls everything you do.

I call this man ‘The Other Mother’. It’s like your 14, your favourite band has come to town and all your friends are going- but Mum said no! He wants to know where you are, who your with and what your doing all the time- what you didn’t realise, is it doesn’t matter what your reply is, he will never agree with what your doing.  This man will stifle your individuality. You should be dating a man, not your mother.

  1. You don’t see a future there

Maybe he’s not Mr. Right, just Mister. Right Now- and that’s okay, nobody is telling you otherwise. But if you admit that you don’t see yourself growing old with him- then it probably means that you shouldn’t. Trust your intuition.

These are just to name a few, there are many different variations of the guy you shouldn’t be with. The interesting thing is if your with him and you have doubts- you probably already know he’s not right for you. All I can say is, your world will not stop by leaving this guy. There are masses of fantastic guys out there who will treat you the right way, don’t waste your time on a loser.

Love B.W.C xoxo

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea- Wow, just Wow!

Have you guys checked out the latest single by J’Lo and Iggy Azalea? We are in awe of the gorgeous 45 year old mother of twins and how incredible her figure looks alongside 24 year old Iggy Azalea. Jennifer Lopez shows us she’s still our Jenny from the block having seemingly not aged one bit since the 90’s. There is almost no differentiating between the two stunning girls when it comes to the looks department! Mrs. Lopez we salute you!

Love BWC xoxo

Picture Perfect Cheryl!

We love, love, love these photos of the nations favorite X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, released in preparation for her new single ‘I Don’t Care’. Cheryl looks poised and confident with a take-no-prisoners attitude and shows clearly why the nation has fallen in love with the star since the moment she graced our television screens as a participant in Popstars: The Rivals.


Newly married Cheryl has had her fair share of woes, particularly with her previous marriage to love cheat and estranged husband Ashley Cole. Things are looking up for Chery who wed Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini this July, her love life seems to be back on track and she is looking more gorgeous then ever.

xoxo BWC


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