Bank Holiday Ideas!

It’s nearly the bank holiday weekend! As the countries set for a bit of a celebration, there’s plenty going on over the weekend to keep yourself busy and entertained! I thought I’d map out some of the best things that are happening over in the capital city for you to enjoy with all the family.

Top things to do in London this weekend!

Notting Hill Carnival

Sunday is the kids day at Notting Hill carnival. It’s the parade and family day and it’s worth taking the children out to one of the more peaceful parts of the festival. If you come earlier in the day you’re granted to get into the carnival spirit before it gets too wild and many partying adults descend upon the party. Why not get dressed up in fancy dress and enjoy it with the little ones.

Some of my tips would be to arrive earlier and make sure you’re in a part of the carnival you can leave easily transport wise. Enjoy some great Caribbean food with your children and make sure to keep a good eye out on them. If you’re planning to stay longer and the weather is nice a good place to head is Meanwhile Gardens where you can get a blanket and sit in the grass with the children. It’s a small enclosed park area so it’s easier to keep an eye on the children.

The Unicorn Theatre Bank Holiday Celebrations

This Bankside destination is a children’s theatre that ar

e in their 10th year. To mark their anniversary they are running a few family friendly activites and workshops!

London Zoo

London Zoo is organizing a sleepover at the BUGS exhibition this weekend. There’s plenty of animal filled fun activities for children and adults alike to enjoy!

Captain Showoff!

The Scoop Theatre is organizing a free play called ‘Captain Showoff!’ as part of the More London Free Festival. Pack a picnic and off you go!

Fun day in!

And if all of this doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not organise a day indoors with movies and baking J Always a hit with the kids!

Love BWC xoxo

Yes Please!

A bit of foodporn for all of you today. I stumbled upon this recipe by accident today and oh my does this need to be made. Meat plus meat, plus bbq sauce, plus mouthwatering goodness… ready, set, grill!

bacon meatball onion

It’s minced meat with some herbs and yumminess, contained in onion and wrapped with bacon then glazed with bbq sauce… genius. You can find the recipe by clicking HERE

You’re welcome.

BWC xoxox

Cheat Smart with

Cheat Smart with

A new fool-proof guide to infidelity has launched offering handy tips to adulterers on how to conduct their affair without running the risk of being caught. has been produced by, the UK’s leading married dating site, as a handy guide for it’s 1 million plus members.

A recent independent survey by IllicitEncounters revealed that a third of people think they married the wrong person whilst another third admitted they felt they had lost all their independence since getting married.

With cheating on the rise, believes that, rather than berating married dating websites, it’s time people realised that cheating is part of everyday culture and has been for centuries. ensures that people can have a safe affair and at the same time keep their marriage strong.

Taking on an extra-marital relationship can be the most rewarding and fantastic decision a married person ever makes, but they need to know how to do it right – has done all the hard work and created the ultimate guide to keep affairs secret. offers general tips such as how you spend your money and how to interact with your spouse while having an affair as well as how to keep your pc or phone from getting you caught by your significant other. CEO Simon Francis said “In light of recent scandals relating to online dating websites, we thought it was time to do something positive for the married dating community. With over 50% of people admitting to cheating on a partner, having an affair should not be such a taboo. We’ve had many customers thank us stating that their marriage is stronger as a result of their affair. ensures affair-seekers follow the rules in order to not get caught and hopefully strengthen their marriage.”’s top tips for a successful affair:

Don’t take off your wedding rings, you might lose them. If you are both wearing wedding rings you will look like a married couple anyway so there’s no need to hide this.

  • NEVER visit each other’s marital homes.
  • Clear your computer history regularly so that there is no evidence of your web activity.
  • Set up a unique email account that is only for use with your mistress/histress or on married dating sites
  • Have a burn phone – a cheap phone that you don’t take home or keep private. This phone should never cross into the life of your marriage.
  • Receive paperless bank and telephone statements.
  • Don’t store any evidence. No pictures, no cinema stubs, no receipts. Dispose of everything
  • Location – think about where you’re meeting. Don’t go local, distance can allow for better anonymity.
  • Make sure you do not drastically change your day-to-day routine. If you change your normal schedule too much this will arouse suspicion.
  • Be Discreet. The number 1 rule to having an affair is to not talk about it. Don’t tell anyone – not your co-worker, not your friend, not your hairdresser. The less people know the less likely you are to be discovered.

Teachers fail the faithful test!

Teachers are scoring points for infidelity, but flunking the monogamous class.

Teachers fail the faithful test!

More teachers have signed up to the UK’s extra-marital dating site this summer holidays than ever before.

The affairs site has seen an increase of 128% in the number of those working in Education having signed up to the site in the months of July and August. Evidently teachers have been seeking out extra-curricular activities this summer, of the illicit kind.

It may be that teachers simply have more availability in the school holidays then most other occupations, and find the time for a like-minded lover to keep them busy.

The spouse of a teacher could be working a regular 9-5 job that does not grant them the same freedom, leaving teachers alone a lot of the summer. All that spare time and nobody to spend it with can easily lead to the temptation of a summer fling, and with their spouse working it’s much easier to keep a forbidden romance under wraps.

Biology teacher Melissa, an active member on the site said “During term time I am very well behaved, I’m good at my job and I’m good to my partner – I also feel motivated and fulfilled during this time.

In the summer I kind of lose that sense of being, without work propelling me forward and my husband never there – I need a different focus. I had a summer affair last year and it was no-strings daytime fun, and I’m on the hunt for a new lust-interest. I’m always working hard for others; it’s only fair I have some fun of my own.”

“Everybody knows rules were made to be broken”, said Claire Page spokesperson for “and nobody knows that better than teachers! It’s obvious why there’s a spike in teachers cheating – schools out for summer and it’s adult playtime in the playground of illicit encounters.

With the lack of an available spouse around, it’s not rocket science that a teacher may want some company, and seeking out an affair buddy during office hours means they’ll never get caught – we all know teachers don’t condone cheating, but it’s not really cheating if you don’t get found out. Orchestrating their affair dates between the hours of 9-5 adds an element of discretion – set an alarm for 4.45pm and hey presto, saved by the bell!”


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