Celebrity Christmas Cards 2014


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Here at Bored Wives Club we have been discussing Christmas cards and whether we personalize our own. With the ease of sites that allow you to upload pictures and type out a message it is becoming quite the norm to send out personalized greeting cards. Now, I did actually try this last year- got the whole family around the Christmas tree and took multiple snaps figuring at least one of them will be good enough to send- how very wrong I was. Firstly, it is extremely difficult to get a family of 6 to stand in height order and calm down, it is equally impossible to get them to stay still for more than 10 seconds, by the end of the picture a fight begun, the Christmas tree was knocked over and the picture ended up looking something like Miley Cyrus and family’s Christmas card (below) except an angrier less pretend version.


After last years massacre I’ve decided not to do a family Christmas card but sent out a regular supermarket bought one- less hassle. Although I do appreciate receiving personalized-any-cards. Here are some of the best 2014 Celebrity Christmas Cards- what do you all think?

James Franco and Seth Rogen’s


David Cameron

View image on Twitter

Hugh Hefner, Crystal and Charlie the dog


Tony and Cherie Blair


Kim Kardasian and the Kardasian Family


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

We’ve saved the best for last. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi created a Kardasian themed Christmas card, firstly from Kanye and Kim’s Bound Single, and secondly with Kim’s bum from that naked photoshoot, photoshopped onto both their backsides. Ladies, we’re impressed.

ellen-portia-bound-2-christmas-card Ellen-DeGeneres-Portia-de-Rossi_glamour_18nov14_pr_b_1080x720 kim-kardashian_glamour_12nov14_p_b_960x1440

Merry Christmas!

Love BWC xoxo

It’s my Birthday


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Forget about Christmas, it’s my Birthday :) & boy have I let everybody know it he-he. Many people believe that having a birthday over the festive season somehow distracts from your big day- but actually- I think having it this time of year makes it all the more special. Everyone spends the lead up to Christmas getting into the spirit of it all, most of your friends will stick around to share the holidays with family and friends and most of us will have booked time off work close to Christmas day- so no excuses not to turn up.


For anybody else who shares a birth date on or around Christmas, Wishing you an excellent Birthday, Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love BWC xoxo

DIY Hair Remedies


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Hair Remedies


So we’ve all heard of certain D.I.Y home remedies as treatment to do all sorts of things to your hair. Whether it is revive hair that has become dull and lifeless, or to make your hair colour lighter- there are plenty out there- but do they actually work? Over the past week we have tried and tested 3 of these all natural lotions and potions- and here’s the results!


Raw Egg Mask


So there are many variations of this type of mask available online, we decided to give it a go with only the yolks and discarding the whites as this seemed to have the most positive reviews. The mask was applied and left in for 20 minutes then rinsed, shampooed and rinsed again.

Ingredients (based on long hair):

3 Egg Yolks

2 Table Spoons of Oil

3 A Cup of Water

Result: Hair feels softer and looks shinier. Although this process was quite messy and the idea of putting eggs in my hair felt weird. There was immediate results however they did not last long, by the next day hair felt greasy and by the second wash returned to normal.

Overall Score: 6/8

 Honey Treatment


From surfing the web we discovered that honey is nutritious and full of antioxidants which sounded like it could potentially be very good for your hair. As honey is already quite a thick substance we decided not to add anything else to it but water.

Ingredients (Based on long hair):

½ Cup of Organic Honey

¾ Cup of water


The honey was diluted in the water by mixing and left to stand for 30 minutes. It was then applied to towel dried hair after a shower and left in for 30 minutes.

Result: Significant difference, hair felt thick and strong and scalp felt soft. This seemed to work very well as a strengthening mask. Second day hair appeared to still feel this way however effects diminished after second wash.

Overall Score: 8/10

Avocado Mask


Avocado is known for its many health benefits so it didn’t come as a complete shock that it may be worth putting it in your hair. Many conditioners advertise that they have avocado extract in them so we felt very positive about this idea.



Whole Avocado- mashed

1 Tablespoon of mayonnaise


Result: Hair did feel incredible, it was sleek and smooth, easy to brush out and the shine was gorgeous. Unfortunately, the idea of avocado disgusts me to this day and it won’t be a treatment I’ll be using in the near future. It felt and smelt weird and the entire 30 minutes it was in I couldn’t wait to get it out. Second day hair still felt great and even after second wash it remained in great condition.

Overall Score: 7/10 (would have been 9/10 if it just avocado and mayonnaise in your hair!)

Let us know of any other cool hair treatments you may have heard of!

Love BWC xoxo

Best thing we’ve seen today.


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This is just about the cutest thing we have ever seen.

Esther Anderson, YouTube user uploaded the picture of herself and her baby during their morning routine. She writes ‘”Every morning my baby sleeps in my bed with me for a couple hours after she wakes up to eat, and every morning I ask myself why I didn’t just put her back in her crib.”

Love BWC xoxo

One in Three get Lucky at Staff Party


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According to a study by IllicitEncounters.com one in three of us will get lucky with a colleague after the staff party. Recently we discussed how best to get away with having a drama-free staff party, well now we can give you some real figures of the gossip that goes down at a Christmas Do!


Married dating site IllicitEncounters.com conducted a study with over 1500 discovered that 34% of us have had sex with a co-worker at the Christmas party and 60% at least kissed someone we work with.


What does this boss think? Well, apparently 18% of us have told our Boss what we really think of them, and another ¼ have actually gone as far as to chat up their Boss!

Love BWC xoxo

How to Resolve a Fight


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First step to resolving a feud with your partner is to recognize why it is that you are angry in the first place.

Couple screaming

Scenario, you’ve got an extremely important day ahead of you, you spent the night before preparing your outfit for work the next day and meticulously rehearsing a presentation. You’ve woken up a little late and are in a slight panic, you’re rushing to get ready but at every step of your morning routine your partner is seemingly-on-purpose in the damn way. You are holding your cool- today is not the day to blow a fuse. When you’ve just about gotten your stuff together you go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and HE has finished the last of the toothpaste!!! THE INCONSIDERATE, SELFISH, USELESS @#!?! You cannot contain your anger. You has crossed the line. World War Three Ensues.


Breathe. You’re not pissed at your partner- you’re angry that nothing is going the way you need it to in the morning. Or perhaps you are pissed at your partner because you feel he should be putting in the effort you would like and the lack of consideration by using the last of the toothpaste was simply the push over the edge.

Figure it out. Figure out why your really mad and then you can try begin tackling the REAL issue.

Once you’ve established the reason for your anger  you have  to confront it, when you’re not angry anymore. Let off some steam, get the space you need and THEN attempt to discuss it. With most fights, all it takes is communication to set the wheels in motion for a resolution.

7 Golden Rules to take into account:

  1. Don’t Scream
  2. Be positive
  3. Explain yourself clearly and directly
  4. Do not bring up the past- focus on the issue at hand
  5. Don’t spend the discussing trying to reason your actions or their actions- but work on solutions
  6. Try to see things from all points of view
  7. Agree on things you can both do to mend and heal

And if all this fails…er… ‘YOU FINISHED THE LAST OF THE TOOTHPASTE YOU @#!?!’conflict

As you were ;)

Love BWC xoxo


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