Date a Married Man, but not on Tinder!

undefined the largest married dating site in the UK has revealed that 6% of their members are in fact single and not married or attached. With statistics released this week that report 42% of Tinder users are married – it seems extra-marital affairs sites are more relevant now than ever.

The 6% of members who are single admit so openly too, many prefer a relationship with someone that is attached – not wanting a full-time relationship but rather a part-time one where there is no confusion about their intentions. Dating a married man or woman can be more convenient for someone who is single and simply doesn’t want the emotional stress that comes with a conventional relationship.

Tinder advertises itself as a dating App that allows you to anonymously swipe members you like. But with features such as connecting your Instagram account or seeing their Facebook photos makes this App less than discrete. Now that stats reveal that almost half of it’s members are in a relationship this can be very misleading for the genuine Singles who have signed up to the site.

With an extra-marital dating site like what you see is what you get – the majority of members are married and admit so openly. The discretion is assured and allows married members to seek others in the same situation as themselves and not rock any boats within their marriage.

Susan, 41 year old single member on said ‘I’ve been down the route of what people call ‘normal’ dating, and it just isn’t for me. I do have a partner who is married and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are very much in love and whenever we do see each other there is an incredible connection between the two of us – but I think I would shoot myself if I needed to spend all of my free time with him. I just don’t think men and women should live together, I like my own space and I like to invite him to join me from time to time. I respect he has a family to go home to, his wife – his life I say. I love my freedom, I am fiercely independent and enjoy my own space, that is why having a boyfriend who is married is very convenient for me.’

Spokesperson for Claire Page said “We’ve all heard Tinder horror stories. There are countless sites that are dedicated to naming and shaming Tinder-weirdos, and many people sign up to the app then leave fairly quickly because of the strange communication they have received. As far as dating platforms go – Tinder is regarded as the one for ‘hook-ups’. Those members that are in a relationship are heading down a dangerous path as it will be hard to cover their tracks, not least because the App is installed on your device and phone probably in reach of a significant other.

Top 10 Reasons to Date a Married Man

1. No commitments. You can meet them as and when you agree upon, and you don’t have to feel bad about doing what you want when you want, or who you want.
2. Married men are more honest. As you are not their primary relationship they will share more about their feelings because between the two of you – there is nothing to hide.
3. A married man will give you more attention. They will shower you with affection because this is what they are normally missing from their married life.
4. Married men put in more effort. The new found spark will revive them and that honeymoon period you so often see when you first enter a relationship is ever-present.
5. You will never need to compromise your own life. Don’t have time to see him? That’s perfectly fine. Never will you need to cancel on an event, or fear seeing a friend because you don’t want to upset your partner – the married man will understand you have your own life to lead.
6. No bunny boilers. Jealousy is a thing of the past, no need to worry about the green-eyed monster; you have an agreement that you are sharing each other.
7. No emotional baggage. Their problems are their problems; you don’t need to take them home with you. When you enter a relationship you’re normally faced with that person’s baggage – but a married man’s suitcase don’t belong to you.
8. You can leave him. Once you’ve fulfilled your own needs or desires, you have no obligation to remain in the relationship. You want out? There’s no need to draw up a list of pros and cons, you can simply walk away.
9. It’s a secret. An illicit Romeo and Juliet. There’s just something saucy about it being just between the two of you, many people fantasize about a secret love affair.
10. Incredible sex life. Married men are better in bed, they may be in a sexless marriage so they will try extra hard to please you in the bedroom.


Love BWC xoxo

The UK’s Most Unfaithful Constituencies Revealed


With election fever gripping the nation,, the UK’s leading married dating website, has released data revealing the UK’s most unfaithful constituencies. cross-references the data of almost 1 million adulterers against the constituency they are in to reveal the illicit political hotspots within the United Kingdom.

Whilst conservatives are the most unfaithful voters, 4 of the top 5 most illicit constituencies are Labour:

1 Nottingham South Labour
2 South Cambridgeshire Conservative
3 Greenwich and Woolwich Labour
4 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne East Labour
5 Leyton and Wanstead Labour

Overall, Conservatives just pipped Labour to the post with the most unfaithful constituencies with a ranking of 13.67% against Labour’s 13.08%

Scotland has fared very well with only one constituency within the top 20. SNP voters also came in low with a ranking of only 8%

The most faithful constituency was Leigh in Greater Manchester.

Spokesperson for Simon Francis said: “The results speak for themselves with the mainstream constituencies having the most unfaithful voters. What’s interesting is that smaller parties came in so low suggesting that the same moral compass that guides our personal lives is also prevalent within our voting habits. But if you can’t trust Labour or Conservative to stay faithful then how can we trust them to run our country.”

To see how your faithful your constituency is go to
How the Data Works

The number of people cheating in each constituency was calculated using the postcode data of 995,000 members of This was then ran against the number of people eligible to vote in each constituency to give a percentage or Infidelity Index for that area.

The party ranking was calculated by taking the party holding the seat in the constituency of all our members.

Seat party holder is based on who won the seat in the 2010 General Election.
Overall Party rankings

Bankers are even bigger cheats when it comes to affairs


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The UK’s largest extra-marital affairs dating website has released figures that suggest that those working in finance are most likely to have an affair then say those working in Government (3%) or in Engineering (6%).

Out of the 20 listed occupational fields a staggering 18% of active members have selected Financial Services as their occupation, indicating that bankers are currently the top cheating profession. The site is seeing more people from the financial sector seeking an affair, with an 8% increase of members joining since January this year.

Interestingly only 2% of active members are tradesmen opposing the myth that tradesmen have a womanising reputation. It is in face bankers that are laughing all the way to the bank.

Bankers are inherently designed to cheat, according to a study published in November last year in the journal Nature by Alain Cohn Ernst Fehr and André Maréchal. The study concluded that bankers are more likely to lie when conditioned into discussing their job beforehand.

John a member of and banker says “The banking industry is very fast paced and stress levels can be sky high when dealing with such a vast amount of money on a daily basis. It is an aggressive environment and the only way I seem to be able to relieve the tension is by sleeping with a string of women that are not my wife. When I’m going on a date after work I still feel cocky and ballsy with an answer for everything, but when I go home and see my wife I’m relaxed and can be the loving and attentive husband she needs me to be.”

Spokesperson for Claire Page says “Bankers can switch at the flip of a coin depending on what situation they find themselves in and they seem to be able to compartmentalise their private and professional life. Those working in the banking sector make the perfect affair candidates. They already know how to keep a secret and the financial security means they can afford the luxury of having an affair.

Fraudulent and irresponsible activity has been the trademark of bankers in recent years, with the economic crisis and Libor scandal, so taking this into their personal lives comes as no real surprise. Bankers are not one to miss out on an opportunity!

You would think that tradesmen, coming from such a masculine role, would be more likely to want to take a lover; after all the likelihood of being wolf whistled at in the street by a builder is higher than say, being approached by a man that is suited and booted. Although, the results speak for themselves”

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Intelligent People More Likely to Cheat, Especially Women!


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Intelligent people are most likely to have affairs, especially women, according to, the UK’s leading married dating site.

The website looked at the educational qualifications of its nearly 1 million members in the UK. The findings show that 72% of female members have higher education qualifications of Bachelor’s Degrees or above whereas male members fared slightly lower with 65%.

Education, however, was not a standalone factor when analyzing a person’s intelligence. The website also cross examined the profiles of 500 currently active members of and found that 61% spoke more than one language, 48% described themselves as ‘creative’ and 34% ran their own business.

The majority of members on the site are in senior professions and earning high salaries (either in the higher rate or additional rate tax band), it is clear that intelligence impacts success.

“Appearing to have a successful life immediately makes you more desirable.” Claire Page, spokesperson for said, “It is unsurprising that successful people are faced with temptation when others are instantly attracted to them. Successful people tend to be high earners who have the financial means to indulge in an additional discrete relationship. They are also natural problem solvers and better negotiators who are more likely to take calculated risks – if they see a problem in their marriage but for whatever reason they cannot or do not want to leave, the obvious solution is to have an affair!”

The rise in women choosing to cheat on their spouses could be due to women choosing to focus on their careers and have children later in life, with the average age of women having kids currently at 30 years old. With better financial stability and less commitment, wives choosing to have an affair are on the increase.

The National Opinion Research Centre’s General Social Survey of American Society 2013 confirmed there has been an increase in women having affairs by 40%, while men having affairs remained consistent at 21%. has also seen an increase of 18% of female members joining the site in the last 12 months alone. With better financial stability, better education and less commitments, attached women choosing to take on another lover are on the rise.

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Beach Body Ready


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I thought I would share with you an advert by weight loss company Protein World that has recently come under scrutiny for body shaming. Women are currently protesting the controversial ad declaring that it is fat shaming and promoting women to think negatively about their body shape.

Currently there is an event planned for this weekend in Hyde Park which has been organised by  Fiona Longmuir and Tara Costello, who earlier this week posed in their bikinis in front of the ad in a London tube station to comment that everybody who goes to the beach is beach ready, irregardless of their size.

beach body

Although personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with the advert, I believe the model they used looks healthy and proportionate and I also don’t think the tag ‘Are you beach body ready?’ is meant to come across as negative. However, I also applaud the girls for their bravery to strip down to their bikinis to make their point that everybody needs to be comfortable in their own skin and for putting their point across.

It is the company’s reaction that has had a lasting impact on me, with their Twitter page responding to the backlash very negatively, such as telling women that as feminists nobody takes them seriously.
protein worldThe CEO of Protein World has also called those defacing the adverts “terrorists” who “shout a lot”.


The event to protest the advert is on May the 4th in Hydepark and is calling women of all shapes and sizes to come in their bikinis and show that any figure is beach worthy! Will you be attending?

Love BWC xoxo


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