Married for 8 years? You’re about to be cheated on!


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Married for 8 years? You’re about to be cheated on!

The UK’s largest married dating site has released statistics that provide an insight into when infidelity occurs and if you are 8 years into your marriage, now is the time to worry! surveyed 1,300 of its members and discovered 8 years to be the most popular time after marriage for people to embark on an extra-marital relationship.

Most adulterers have remained with their spouse since having an affair (87%), and the majority of their partners never found out about the affair (78%).

The top reason for having an affair given by both men and women was ‘Sexual Satisfaction’.

Studies show that 57% of men and 54% of women admit to having cheated on their partner* – with more than half of the UK population allegedly having had a fling with someone other than their partner, it seems Britons do not shy away from the idea of having an affair, and for many it is a gamble worth taking as much of the time their partner never finds out.

Stacey a female member using the site said “You know, we’ve done a lot together. We fell in love, we had children, and we bought a house, now it’s just living day to day – sameness. The routine has been driving me nuts for years but I’ve tried to hold it together.

Once you’ve ticked all the boxes, there’s not much left to do but be, well, settled – and I am too restless to be content in sitting around being settled. Yes, I had my first ever affair 8 years in. I admit I missed the lust, the excitement and the energy that someone new gives you – was it an itch? Yeah probably, and I’ve been denying myself the scratch for a long time.”

Claire Page spokesperson for said “Why are couples cheating after 8 years? Well, 8 years is a heck of a long time to keep the fire burning, and the levels of sexual satisfaction will have well and truly deteriorated long before this.

If you’re in your 8th year, and haven’t had fantastic sex with your spouse in awhile – it could be they’re scratching an itch, or perhaps, you are.”

* Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy


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Baby Gifts!


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So, I have a christening to attend this summer – and I’ve been feeling really stumped for present ideas! I don’t want to get a generic gift, and all too many I’ve seen are bland, boring and predictable!

You have silver rattles, bracelets with name tags, picture frames, piggy banks, egg and spoons (what?!)

I’ve been fielding through gift after gift and the only phrase that I’ve been able to muster is rubbish. Are there any unique gifts present…? (Present! ;) See what I did there.)

Eventually I settled on a 3d footprint kit picture frame, which was absolutely adorable (although ruddy expensive) at £49.99 – you can buy it HERE

New Baby Baptism Gift, Silver 3D Handprint Footprint Kit, Dark Wood

I thought I would share with you some other unique gifts I found :)

Personalized book of Fairy tales

£28.95, you can see it HEREpicture

Baby Girl Flower Hat

£20.49, you can see it HEREBaby Girl flower Hat Newborn Girl flower hat Photo Prop Newborn hat Baby flower hat Knit baby hat Crochet Infants Baptism Waiting for spring

Personalized Plate with footprints

You can get it HERE

Personalised Plate with Footprint Message

Love BWC xoxo

Mug Cakes!


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Did you know you can make a cake in a mug? Err…. yes please!

All it takes is the same ingredients you would use in a normal cake, but put them in a mug and chuck them in a microwave, and hey presto!

Check these out-

Nutella Mug Cake.

You can find the recipe HERE


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

You can find the recipe HERE


Oreo Milk Chocolate

You can find the recipe HERE



I am completely obsessed at the moment, so please share if you find anymore delicious recipes! So fun to make with the kids as well, leave out a few a few things for them to decorate them with and they’ll be having lots of fun :)



Love BWC xoxox





Good News: It’s not cheating if it’s abroad!


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One third of Adulterers believe that cheating doesn’t count when it’s done abroad.

ufdldqq0dtmpo1pjl9oo, the UK’s largest extra-marital affairs site, surveyed 1000 of it’s members and discovered that a whopping 33% admitted that they didn’t feel having a fling abroad was cheating.

The survey found that 28% of affair-seekers were planning a trip abroad to engage in some illicit fun this summer.

The surveyed also voted on the top European cheating destinations and found Prague to be the top contender.

What is interesting is that cheaters actually believe what they’re doing doesn’t constitute as cheating as long as it’s done on holiday; perhaps the anonymity of infidelity abroad minimizes the guilt factor, thus making it feel less deceptive.

Sierra, a female member using the site, said “What happens on holiday stays on holiday! It’s a universal rule. Every year I book a girlie getaway with my close pal Donna, who’s also married by the way. Our summer breaks are always very eventful, but nothing I want to write home about! Let’s just say a cheeky fling is always on the agenda, Donna and I both know it’s only some harmless fun. Our husbands drop us off at the airport and they’re right where we left them when we get back, none-the-wiser and perfectly happy to see us after a little break from each other. It’s win-win.”

Spokesperson for Claire Page said “Let’s be honest here, what do you actually expect goes on – on a girls or lads holiday? Plenty of married people play away on holidays abroad; it’s just something nobody bats an eye at anymore.

Is it cheating? Apparently some think not, I can totally understand the thought process behind this though. The reason some people harbour any ill feelings towards their infidelity is due to the baggage that may follow them around, but if you can drop the baggage off on the conveyor belt at the airport – then the weight is quite literally off your shoulders.

If the problem doesn’t follow you home, then there’s no problem at all. So can cheating abroad not count? Yes, if you don’t let it.”

Top 5 European Cheating Destinations

Prague – Czech Republic

Majorca – Spain

Barcelona – Spain

Dublin – Ireland

Amsterdam – Netherlands

Love BWC xoxo

Bread Matters!


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Hello ladies!

Recently a good friend of mine has discovered she is intolerant to gluten and has just switched her bread to a gluten free make called Genius.

I tend to eat fresh home-baked french bread in the mornings with the kids but it just so happens I had a free morning and was round my friends for breakfast where she used this gluten free bread. I too made a shocking discovery, I felt absolutely great mid morning after eating this bread. Now this might not seem strange to you, but to me it was, normally mid mornings I feel bloated and fatigued, and it led me to believe maybe I have the same gluten-issues as my friend!

Turns out many people seem to have mild, minor or major gluten intolerance without their knowledge! This kind of food is usually found in carbs like bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits etc… and I’m telling you, there are 100’s of gluten free options! I have now switched myself and the kids for the last two weeks and I’m feeling a noticeable difference.

The great thing is that supermarket aisles have a good range of organic food that is an alternative for people with allergies to certain foods.

Here are some of my favorites!

Genius Sliced Spicy Fruit Loaf (Gluten Free)

£2.50, you can buy it HERE


Doves Farm Organic Pasta (Gluten free, Wheat Free)

£2.00, you can buy it HERE


Nairn’s Biscuit Break Oat & Syrup

£1.75, you can buy it HERE


Mrs Crimble’s Gluten Free Coconut Macaroon

£1.20, you can buy it HERE


Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Brownies

£2.00, You can buy it HERE


Love BWC xoxo

​Monday at 8am is the golden hour for affair-seekers.

According to data released by the UK’s largest extra marital affairs site, Monday mornings is when more people message their flings.​Monday at 8am is the golden hour for affair-seekers.

The study found that in an average week the amount of messages that get sent between affair-seekers is 1.36 million. The research also revealed that the average amount of messages sent per hour is 8125, however, on a Monday between 8 – 9am this figure is 76992 or 6% of all messages sent in a one week period.

Members on the site also voted on the top tips to contact your lover without getting caught out.

The top three tips were –
1. Only ever contact your lover when you are in complete privacy.
2. Never call your lover by their real name, always refer to them as the same sex. (e.g. if her name is Christina call her Chris)
3. Don’t use your normal method of contact for your lover, have an alias email address and use a chat-app rather than texting.

Contacting your mistress or histress when you are alone makes sense, privacy ensures discretion. The last thing you would want is to speak to your lover in front of your spouse. Using a same sex code name may be used to further disguise who you are talking to – women don’t tend to be threatened by a husband’s male friend so this may help lower suspicion. Alternative methods of contact also allow affair-seekers added protection – the last thing you would want to do is send an iMessage to your lover that is synced with the family iPad.

Sandra a female member using the site said “Weekends are for family, that is my number one rule. But that also means I have little to no contact with my other lover during the time, and I really do miss him. Mondays I get the kids ready for school then my husband drives them up, as soon as he’s out the first thing I can think of is to check in with my part-time boyfriend and see how he’s been doing. It’s my favourite time of the week, butterflies in my stomach anxiously awaiting a reply!”

Claire Page spokesperson for said “You need to remember we have a lot of high flying professionals on the site, Monday 8am you’re either on your commute into work or already in the privacy of your office – perfect time to discretely send a much awaited message to your lover.

After the weekend cold-turkey of space from your lover, you’re sure to miss them come Monday! We’ve found that many of our members choose this time to keep their illicit love affair afloat and remind their lovers that they’ve been thinking about them.”

Love BWC xoxo

​Forget the diet, have an affair!

If you’re on the hunt for a lover, don’t diet! Affair-seeking men prefer voluptuous women.

​Forget the diet, have an affair! the UK’s largest married dating site has discovered the key attributes that cheating men look for in a mistress.

The affairs site surveyed 1500 of its male members who are actively pursuing an affair to discover what they seek in a potential lover. The study reveals the majority of men prefer bigger ladies over women who are slim or toned.

Curvaceous came on top with 34% of the vote, beating Petite (24%) and Athletic (14%)

The findings also revealed Blue to be the most popular eye colour (27%) and men also preferred Blonde’s over any other hair colour (29%) for their mistress.

Sex appeal is naturally important to anybody looking for a sexual partner, what is interesting is that a large proportion of men are looking for a curvaceous, blue eyed, blonde. With 72% of the men surveyed in their 40s, perhaps they are rooting their fantasies back 20 years ago with films like Basic Instinct starring Sharon Stone, popularising the blonde bombshell archetype of a female.

Harry a member of the site said “I think most men are naturally attracted to curvy girls, they’re head turners. Ultimately this is about sex and curvaceous woman have sex appeal – no man can truly say he doesn’t find it difficult not to look at a woman with big hips and a voluptuous décolletage. Personally, I think big women are sexier and more confident – far more enticing then a stick insect, let’s be honest. My wife is quite the opposite, slim and conservative – but I’m not with her for the sex.”

Claire Page spokesperson for said “It’s important to know that the male age demographic of affair-seekers is typically older, and these men will have been growing up when curvy women were celebrated, Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson – to name a few.


Curvy women are more aesthetically pleasing and look healthier, who would want Keira Knightly when they can have Shakira – the proof is in the pudding!


Its time women stopped dieting and starting embracing their sexy natural figures, anyway, everybody knows bigger women bounce better in bed – and sex burns calories.”

Love BWC xoxo



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