Illicit Encounters launch Mistress Cards


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Our friends at IE are launching a fun range of greeting cards today to celebrate your affair, or as they call it, ‘affair’versary’. Controversial as always Mike Taylor from the site says: ” With one person in every ten couples actively looking for a new relationship on our site, we shouldn’t be surprised that a card celebrating what can be a very fulfilling and exciting experience would have enormous interest.

Mistress Card

And it’s not just for the guys – ladies can also send a virtual or printed card to their lover, aka ‘histress’. Whatever your views are on infidelity I think we can all see the funny side to this latest venture, and if you decide to send one, just make sure you send it to the right person!

Get your Mistress Card here!

Love BWC X

Visit Illicit Encounters here

Eva and Ryan baby, joy?!


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Like the rest of the world, we’re devastated to hear that Ryan Gosling is officially off the market and out of our lives FOREVER as the news broke that his girlfriend Eva Mendes is pregnant – can you imagine how gorgeous this baby will be?!  Of course deep down we’re ecstatic for the beautiful couple and cannot wait to see the most anticipated Hollywood baby since, well, a very long time.

Thankfully good old Buzzfeed has created “25 things better than Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes having a baby” to cheer us up and take our minds off the fact that it will never, ever, ever happen with Ryan, ever.

25 things better than Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes having a baby

The World Cup relationship survival guide by Mike Taylor


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Well ladies, the World Cup is here and I do hope you haven’t become a football widow already! It can be a tough month for relationships when your partner is only interested in the game and not much else, even SEX! So here is our friend Mike Taylor from Illicit Encounters with his guide for surviving the tournament and keeping your relationship blissful in-between balls. X

World Cup Relationship Survival Guide



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