Maternity Fashion

A few days ago, I met up with Rose, a good friend of mine who is expecting her first baby girl after Christmas. We booked ourselves in for a manicure and pedicure and had a lovely afternoon pampering session. It was then that Rose admitted to me that she was having trouble dressing in anything that made her feel attractive and feminine, and with her due date in just over 2 months time she said she was feeling the least sexiest she has ever felt.

Rose was nervous about the upcoming staff Christmas party with all her work colleagues, she was worried about Christmas day with her husband and family and she was absolutely terrified of New Years Eve with all her close friends. Utter panic was overwhelming her when considering her clothing options. ‘What am I going to wear’ is a statement that haunts us women at the best of times, forget about when we’re dealing with a baby bump and swollen ankles. We decided to scan the internet on how best to dress fancy when in your third trimester, especially during the Christmas holidays! We were pleasantly surprised- there is really plenty out there when it comes to maternity fashion, and a number of decent fashion outlets that do cater to the pregnant woman. We came up with a few suggestions for Rose’s three occasions, taking inspiration from celebrity mothers, shared with you below!

The Staff Party

 Catherine-Duchess-of-Cambridge_glamour_14nov14_PA_b_592x888another dresss

Kate Middleton (above left) rocks this black lace dress with long sleeves to the Royal Variety Performance, and looks absolutely stunning. You want to wear something comfortable yet elegant to this occasion- something to make you feel fabulous during the evening festivities- but comfortable enough to enjoy the night! We found a similar dress from Tiffany Rose for £140 (above right) which you can find by clicking HERE.

Christmas Day

frankie-sandford_glamour_14aug13_wen_b_592x888 BLUE

We found Frankie Sandford (above left) wearing this cute blue dress that makes her look absolutely glowing. Rose particularly liked the way the blazer was matched with the dress, completing the style. Here is a beautiful alternative (above right) which is discounted from £225.00 down to £180.00 from retailer Seraphine which will  that is sure to look great at your Christmas do, you can buy it by clicking HERE.

New Years Eve

gold maternity dress another dressss

Our party favorite goes to Samaire Armstrong (above left) for this shiny Gold number, perfect for injecting some glam into your New Years Eve. And we have found an equally gorgeous Gold dress in Next maternity clothesline (above right) for only £50, bargain! You can buy it by clicking HERE.

Love BWC xoxo

What’s in a word?

We all know that the art of language is sometimes wasted on the opposite sex- we may as well be speaking in different languages- for the good it does in understanding each other. It seems the universal meaning for one word when uttered by the other half suddenly takes on the meaning of it’s polar opposite- why is it that communication is failing to communicate what we mean?


There are factors that can be taken into account to determine whether your partner is telling you the truth or whether they are implying something different. There are three elements that contribute to communication: the actual words being spoken, the tone in which they are said and the body language of the speaker.

If you break this down even further you begin to see the ways in which each element can be influenced.

Words are concerned with literal meaning and what the person would like you to understand.


The tone of voice can be impacted by the mood of the speaker and therefore can be a giveaway of what the underlining message of communication really is- if it seems to be in a conflict with the speakers literal meaning. For example if a person were to say ‘I’m fine’ whilst distraught and in tears- this gives off the impression that they are not fine at all, thus the tone of voice is in conflict with the literal words.


Body language accounts for the way in which you physically react towards someone. Understanding body language can be particularly complex, however, there are some simple tell-tell signs that can display a person’s intentions, particularly if that persons stance seems open or closed toward you. Someone who is not quite saying what they mean may look nervous, and exhibit signs that they are not quite certain of their literal meaning- they may avert their gaze when met with yours. Whereas someone’s body language that is agreeable with their literal words will project their words in a confident manner, head held high and looking towards you.


Sometimes all it takes is thinking outside of the book, put yourself in your partners shoes and try to see not only what it is they are saying, but how and why they may be saying it.

Love BWC xoxo

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Keeping Fit

It’s 6.30am and the alarm clock you set with the sounds of the ocean to ease you out of your sleep, now sounds like something out of an apocalypse movie. Your plan to slip quietly out of bed so as not to wake your husband and kids has now been unintentionally abandoned as your alarm clock is knocked off the dresser, sending yesterdays half drunk cup of tea smashing onto the wooden floor. Your husband declares sleepily ‘What was that?’ as your 8 year old begins a repetitive rendition of ‘Mum! Mum! Mum!’

alarm clock

It’s at this moment that it hits you, you are never, ever going to use that early morning gym membership you so desperately hoped you would. Your get fit fast plan is in jeopardy and you’re feeling pretty darn angry about it.

No fear girls. Here is a 20 minute workout that can slot into anytime of your day. Starting off with just 20 minute exercises daily will boost your health significantly, and before you know it your energy levels will soar and you will find that somehow you have more time to do these quick and simple exercises.

5 minutes 


hip flexor stretch

Begin by stretching and focusing on each individual part of your body working your way down from your head, neck and shoulders, arms and fingers, midsection, waist and legs and even your toes! Once this is done do a warm up exercise such as running on the spot for 2 minutes, or try stepping up and down the stairs.

5 Minutes


The Push Up


Face the ground horizontally prepping yourself up with your palms and your arms shoulder width apart. Bend your arms so that your body reaches the ground, hold, and return to the upright position. Attempt 3 sets of 10.

The Side Plank

From the Push Up position, turn your body to the side so that you are balancing on one side of your body, lift your hip and hold. Return to push up position and do the other side. Attempt 3 sets of 10.

side-plank-hip-lift-a-ex side-plank-hip-lift-b-ex

5 Minutes

Sit Ups


Lie Flat on the ground with your knees bent and arms cross your arms so that the tips of your fingers are touching your shoulders. Lift your body from this position, hold, and return back down. Attempt 3 sets of 10.

Side Sit Ups


Lie Flat on the ground with your knees bent and cross your arms behind your head. This time lift your body but turn it, attempting to reach opposing knees with your elbows. Attempt 3 sets of 10.

5 Minutes



Keep feet shoulder-width apart, shoulders back and your arms stretched out in front of you. Stand up straight concentrating you’re your stomach muscles and breathe in deeply. Move into a squatting position as low as you can and hold your core muscles. Return to upright position and exhale. Attempt 3 sets of 10.

Finish up by winding down, stretching your body once more.

And there you have it, a quick 20-minute exercise you can do anytime and anywhere, and once your confidence grows and you are able to do it quicker- you can always do more than 3 sets of 10!

If you have any more hints and tips why not post them?

Good Luck Ladies!

Love BWC xoxox

Should there be an expiry date on marriage contracts?


Extra marital dating site Illicit Encounters has put forward a controversial proposal to parliament suggesting an expiry date on marriages. The concept aims to tackle infidelity by giving unhappy couples an alternative to divorce which can often be financially crippling.

The open letter is directed both at religious leaders and government figures, it urges an immediate revision of the current system of matrimony. Illicit Encounters believes that the system is outdated and has discovered that 58% of their members agree from a recent study.

The proposition suggests there to be an expiry date on marriage contracts that needs to be renewed every 5-8 years. Spokesperson for the campaign and Mike Taylor commented; “Marriage should be just like a passport or driver’s license. If individuals are not interested in renewing it, then it expires. If something isn’t working people don’t just live with it. People are more than willing to change their car or washing machine if it has stopped working, why would they stay in a marriage that isn’t working if they weren’t being forced to stay due to financial burdens?”

Recently we were discussing the UK Marriage and Adultery report, which according to the results revealed that 1 in 3 people admit they have married the wrong person, maybe they do call it wedlock for a reason- where people feel literally trapped in their marriage. With all these findings into marriage perhaps it isn’t such a crazy idea to have to validate your marriage every few years to confirm you wish to continue it. Could this be the new solution to uphold the values of marriage? Tell us your thoughts.

You can check out the full details of the proposal by going to the following site:

Should you wish to support the petition simply click below:

Halloween Costumes

Hope you have all had a smashing Halloween weekend, whether you joined in all the spooktastic antics or whether you hid in your house with the lights turned right off so that no pestering kids come asking for treats (or tricks!)

We’ve really enjoyed looking at all our friends outfits and checking out what all our favorite celebrities were up to over the weekend. We’ve decided to score some of the best and worst celebrity outfits from Jonathon Ross’ annual Halloween bash  based on the effort put in and scare value out of 10. Let us know what you think.

Jonathan Ross impressed with this skeletal attire, a dead man walking covered in chains.

Effort: 7/10

Scare Value: 10/10


Adele rocked up completely unrecognizable covered in face paint and a black veil and long black dress.

Effort: 7/10

Scare Value: 9/10


Jimmy Carr arrives as Wednesday from the Addams family.

Effort: 5/10

Scare Value: 6/10


Mel B comes as Scary Spice. Yes! Mel B came to the party as herself in the 90s girl group spice girls.

Effort: 4/7

Scare Value: 3/7


Claudia Schiffer also boasts a cat woman outfit and looks absolutely stunning in it.

Effort: 4/10

Scare Value: 2/10


And our absolute favorite outfit from Jonathon Ross’ Halloween party goes to actress Natalia Dormer from Game of Thrones, who wears something quite reminiscent of the show itself.

Effort: 10/10

Scare Value: 9/10


Love BWC xoxo

Vikki Pattison has Quit Geordie Shore

Vikki Pattison has confirmed today that she is quitting Geordie Shore. Series 9, starting tonight on MTV at 10pm will be the last the reality television star is going to be in. Speaking of leaving the cast Vikki tell The Sun ‘’Although it’s been an excellent opportunity, I’ve grown up. Somewhere along the Jägerbombs, sl*t-dropping and bed-dropping, I aged. Not just in normal years but in Geordie Shore years, so I feel about 78.’

Vikki Pattison, 26, has recently been linked to Ice Hockey Player James Morgan, in regards to their relationship having an impact on her decision to leave the show she comments ‘I’d be lying if I said James didn’t play a factor in my decision,’ adding ‘I love him a lot and if I’m going to give our relationship a fair go, I have to not be running off and doing Geordie Shore every two months.’


Season 9 of Geordie Shore will see the entire cast from the last season return and continue with their unruly antics. We’ll let you know how the series kicks off.


Love BWC xoxo

A Guide to Being an Independent Woman!


Sometimes we allow ourselves to be defined by the roles in which we are living, consumed by our jobs or fulfilling our duties as wife or mother. It is also important to invest into yourself and sustain a level of independence for a healthy and happy life, even if it just means taking an hour each day to indulge in your own interests and hobbies. We’ve devised a foolproof guide on how to become an independent woman, which is sure to help you focus some more attention to yourself! So, without further ado..

Be Yourself

It may seem like an obvious thing to keep yourself happy, but many of us don’t love and trust ourselves enough. Be yourself. If there is anything about yourself you want to improve- do it! Believe in your own abilities and listen to your own judgment. It is common that we are our worst critics, with a little bit of practice you will go from ‘I don’t like this about myself’ to ‘I’m going to change this about myself’, and when your constantly improving and perfecting yourself you will naturally love the positive person you are continuing to become.


Be Emotionally Mature

If there are any issues in your life that can be resolved- deal with them. Don’t leave them to pile up in a huge overwhelming mess. If there are any issues in your life that are beyond your control- accept them and move on. You need a high level of emotional intelligence to be comfortable in yourself- do not let negative things affect you badly. Always find a positive outcome to a negative situation. Never let others determine your happiness- you are the only one who can choose how to react to situations.



Focus on your goals and aim high. Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot do something- and if anybody does use it as a catalyst to prove them wrong. Let yourself be passionate about something. Follow your heart and do thing that you think are beneficial to your own self-development.



Don’t let others opinions affect you

This is one of the key things to learn if you want to be happy and independent in yourself. Do not care what other people think. This is YOUR life and only YOUR opinion matters. Stop letting other people hold you back, if you want to do something just go ahead and do it.


Entertain your own interests

Spend time getting to know yourself, what is it that you enjoy doing? Your own personal likes and dislikes are what make you unique. To be truly independent you need to be able to spend with yourself. It will make you a more content and interesting individual if you invest in yourself. Find out what makes you tick and devote time to pursue your own activities.


Remember, sometimes it’s okay to let the world revolve around you a little, especially if it makes you a better and more wholesome person. A little self-love is OK and it will impact on your friendships and relationship if you love yourself. By doing things alone, you will prove you are an able person, and others will feel more confident in your abilities. Remember, before you can help others, you must first help yourself .

Love BWC xoxo


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